Why Is Harley-Davidson So Popular: 8 Reasons Why Bike Enthusiasts Love Harley-Davidson Bikes


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Why Is Harley Davidson So Popular

Have you ever looked at your Harley-Davidson bike and wondered what makes this exquisite beauty so popular? This is a question that often crosses the minds of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Harley-Davidson bikes are very popular due to a multitude of reasons. These are more than just any motorcycle. These bikes represent the American culture, a trustable brand, and a rich history of over a century. Moreover, their amazing quality, the experience of a long drive, and the resell value make them an amazing asset.

In this article, you’ll get to know why is Harley-Davidson so popular. This motorcycle brand is something special, and every Harley-Davidson rider should know why. Continue reading to know more.

Harley-Davidson has a legacy that has seen it be one of the top motorcycle brands for over a century. The brand has roots and history that very few brands can compare to. Founded back in 1903, the motorcycle brand enjoys its position as one of the oldest operating motorcycle brands in the U.S. The brand has more than 118 years of experience. This means that for more than a century, the excellence and production quality have helped them make such a name. 

While Harley-Davidson is one of those brands where you can say the name speaks for itself. However, sometimes it isn’t enough. Sometimes, people want to know more. Sometimes, they want to know why is Harley-Davidson so popular. For those people, here are eight reasons why this brand is among the most popular brands in the world.

Harley-Davidson’s branding is exquisite and very clever

The motorcycle brand has worked incredibly hard to enjoy the vast popularity that it gets today. They have a great marketing strategy, helping them convert motorcycle enthusiasts into Harley-Davidson bike owners. If you go on the internet, you will notice that Harley-Davidson has several retail stores around the United States. Moreover, the brand has been looking to expand overseas for the past few years. In the last decade, the brand has opened production in markets like Brazil, India, and Thailand. Moreover, in 2019, there are rumors that Harley-Davidson could start production in China as well.

The Harley-Davidson stores aren’t just focused on selling bikes or motorcycle gear. The company also sells T-shirts, blankets, shoes, bedsheets, and even teddy bears. All of their products feature the iconic Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo. The brand’s practice of offering branded versions of everything is a tremendous way of reaching more people. They also know that more folks will come to know about their brand and be more interested in buying bikes. They have successfully figured out that by turning themselves into an omnipresent brand, by selling branded items, they can send a message that Harley-Davidson is an all-in-one brand that anyone can resort to.

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The longevity of the Harley-Davidson brand has built trust

A successful brand takes time to rise to the top. This is true for almost all brands, including Harley-Davidson. No motorcycle brands have been in continuous production for as long as Harley-Davidson. The longer the brand has been around, the stronger has been the loyalty of its customers.

There is a level of trust that has been developed over the years. People rely on things easily when they have been doing exceedingly well for a long time. People perceive things that have been in business for decades to automatically come with high quality. If there is one brand that stands true to this belief, then it is definitely Harley-Davison. The company has been producing masterpieces for over a century.

The longevity of Harley-Davidson means that its fans have had a long time to entrench themselves in the bike scene. As a result, when people travel for motorcycle gatherings, non-Harley-Davidson bikers are struck by the size of the Harley-Davidson crowd. Due to that, there is an unconscious wish to join the Harley-Davidson group. This way, the longevity of the brand has created a positive feedback loop, pushing other people to want to be a part of the group.

The sense of belonging

Similar to the last point, there is a need to want to drive with the Harley-Davidson riding crowd. Anyone who has been a part of an organized sports event will know this feeling of wanting to be involved. When people look at the space and see a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts wearing a similar uniform, it contributes to someone’s identity and makes them feel more comfortable in the group. The same thing happens when you come across a Harley-Davidson motorcycle group. When Harley-Davidson riders ride with each other, they become a part of the Harley-Davidson family. They feel more comfortable and empowered as a biker.

Harley-Davidson has several Harley Owners Groups (HOG) all around the world. The groups can be traced back decades to when motorcycles were just starting to become mainstream. Today, it is really easy for people who ride Harley-Davidson bikes to find a local group.

By joining an HOG, you will feel a sense of camaraderie, identity, belonging, and a feeling of confidence. Further, this also gives the brand a sense of loyalty. The members of the Harley-Davidson chapters love spending time on their bikes and more money on Harley-branded products. This also means Harley-Davidson is able to make more income on branded goods as compared to other brands. Ultimately, the feeling of belonging that Harley-Davidson bikes inculcate has helped contribute to the brand’s rise in popularity.

Being synonymous with the United States

It isn’t really a secret that people who reside in the United States feel a great sense of patriotism. In certain situations, this patriotism is developed in them from birth. Harley-Davidson has cleverly positioned itself as being rather synonymous with the United States. Harley-Davidson has been the epitome of American history and culture.

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Although the brand has taken a backseat lately, Americana itself has a sense of value among Harley-Davidson riders. The brand is intrinsically linked with the United States. In fact, the connection is so deep that when the European Union punished the U.S. with trade tariffs because of actions in international politics, it made sure to include heavy bikes manufactured by Harley-Davidson.

For people who admire and feel patriotic toward American ethos, Harley-Davidson is easily the most synonymous brand with that feeling. When it comes to markets in the U.S., most motorcycle enthusiasts prefer buying Harley-Davidson bikes. This feeling of intrinsic pressure has helped the sales and contributed to the brand’s rapid rise in popularity. 

That feeling of being an outlaw

One of the aspects of the American culture that the brand has successfully capitalized on is the crime element. The popular way in the United States has always been somewhat of an outlaw. After all, the nation was founded by people revolting against a tyrannical government across the Atlantic Ocean. Ever since the dawn of the day, criminals have been mythologized in the United States. Think about the likes of Billy the Kid, John Dillinger, Al Kapone, and other popular outlaws. While they all had dubious moral characters, they were still admired.

This kind of mythology is also tied to Harley-Davidson. The bikes, the branding, the logo, everything directly feeds into the outlaw character. Harley-Davidson has been able to capitalize on this feeling and successfully position itself as the brand for the outlaws. 

The quality of the bikes

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to not talk about Harley-Davidson and its popularity without mentioning its amazing bikes. The quality of the bikes is top-notch, and the experience of riding a Harley-Davidson bike is unlike any other. These machines can deliver stunning performance year after year.

With normal sportbikes, these small bikes can often stop working after 25,000 miles. It is very surprising to see them last over 50,000 miles. But for Harley-Davidson bikes, these machines just go on and on. It isn’t unusual to see a Harley-Davidson motorcycle clock more than 100,000 miles after years of care and maintenance.

There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to how long a bike lasts. Some of them are the terrain where the bike is ridden, how often it is used, and the driving style. Despite these factors, it is difficult to argue that Harley-Davidson bikes just have superior quality. Due to their quality, they last longer and give exceptional performance year after year. The superior quality is one of the reasons why is Harley-Davidson so popular.

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Exceptional touring machines

Harley-Davidson bikes are normally heavy bikes. This is why they’re the perfect touring bikes for riders who love hitting the road and going on long drives. Unlike sportbikes that get thrown off the road and give you trouble at high speeds, Harley-Davidson bikes are different beasts. Their longer wheelbase and greater rake will ensure that you get unmatched stability and comfort. These factors make them the ideal option for crossing the country.

These motorcycles come with a V-twin motor, which offers powerful torque and lets you remain in top gear. You will be able to roll on the throttle without hampering the gear or speed. If you combine the V-Twin motors of the bike with the heavyweight nature, you will get the perfect two-wheel machine. This machine will make touring a truly unforgettable experience.

Great resale value

A bike often ranks as a costly investment. One of the things that you should consider is whether the bike you’ve bought will have a great resale value if you decide to sell it. In that case, you wouldn’t want a bike that depreciates in value very quickly. It would be a disaster to resell the bike at a fraction of its original cost.

Harley Davidson Bike

Harley-Davidson’s owners don’t have to worry about this issue. For Harley-Davidson bikes, the resale value will be great whenever they decide to resell the bike. All of the Harley-Davidson models depreciate far slower than most of the competitors. Harleys are able to hold their value so well that they can offer thousands of miles for the new owners.

If you keenly observe, you’ll notice that some Harley-Davidson bike owners go through multiple HD bikes. They try them out for a few years before switching to the next one. This happens as they can resell their Harley-Davidson models at a great price and invest in a new Harley-Davidson model. Moreover, these bikes also appeal to collectors and motorcycle enthusiasts. This means that you’ll be able to sell old bikes at a decent price long after the model has ended.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know much more about why is Harley-Davidson so popular. The brand has been in existence for over a century and has become one of the leading motorcycle brands. The brand has a tremendous marketing strategy, especially with the fact that it doesn’t just sell bikes. You can also get bed sheets, T-shirts, bags, and more under the Harley-Davidson brand. Moreover, being relatable and synonymous with the United States is a great boost to its sales. Add to them the feeling of confidence, belongingness, camaraderie, and identity that Harley-Davidson riders get with their Harley Owners Groups, it is easy to see why the brand is so popular.

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