Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023)


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Harley Davidson Freewheeler (2023)

When it comes to timeless motorcycle craftsmanship, Harley-Davidson sits at the forefront of the industry. With each new release, they capture the hearts of riders and enthusiasts alike, and the upcoming Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) is no exception. This three-wheeled marvel embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure that the brand is known for, while offering a unique riding experience that sets it apart from the rest. In this article, we will delve into the design, performance, comfort, features, and overall ride experience of the Freewheeler (2023). Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting your feet wet in the world of Harley-Davidson, join us as we explore the beauty and excitement that awaits with the Freewheeler (2023).

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) – A powerful three-wheeler for beginners

In addition to tourers, cruisers, and baggers, Harley-Davidson also has a number of stunning trikes in its range. The three-wheeled beasts all the company to welcome a wider audience since they don’t need a motorcycle license in certain countries.

Although the road-going Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra remains the same for the new model year, the Milwaukee-based manufacturer has decided to make a few cosmetic changes to the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler for 2023, dusting off its looks and design while also keeping the overall look and feel of the American trike.

The biggest change has been made to the rear wheels. The Motor Company has decided to go away with the 15-inch wheels in favor of a pair of 18-inch cast aluminum wheels that are painted with a glossy black and exposing its nuts. The 16-spoke design, which is also adopted on the front, perfectly modernizes the styling almost touching the rest of the motorcycle.

However, Harley-Davidson has also decided to add a new and darker variant where the chrome has been replaced by a black finish on the front end, fuel tank console, headlight pod, engine, exhaust, and hand-held foot controls. Further, the bike is still powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin engine, with electric reverse, equipped with Mini-ape handlebars and truncated mudguards alongside a 60-liter trunk.

2023 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Review

Harley-Davidson is one of the few motorcycle manufacturers that make trikes with two rear wheels. For the 2023 Freewheeler model, Harley-Davidson decided to make its cheapest three-wheeler motorcycle a lot cooler and darker. 2023 was the year in which Harley-Davidson celebrated its 120th Anniversary, with the company churning out several 120th Special limited edition models of its bikes. Amidst all the fuss, the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) managed to stand out with its sportier stance and blacked-out aesthetic features.

The 2023 Freewheeler is the sportiest trike in the lineup of Harley-Davidson. Its blacked-out treatment and low-slung minimal design have made it a unicorn among trikes. With that said, if you are in the market for a new trike, you ought to know more about the bike. In this in-depth review, you will get to learn all there is to know about the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023), making your choice much easier.

Harley Davidson Freewheeler (2023)

Engine and power

At the heart of the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) is a long-standing Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin engine. This blacked-out beauty is capable of churning out 90 HP at 4750 RPM and 165 Nm of torque at 2750 RPM. The low-end torque of the bike helps this three-wheeled beast to thrust you back on the saddle and put a massive grin on your face. I would have loved Harley-Davidson to have slapped on the new Revolution Max liquid-cooled engine for the Freewheeler to get more power and refinement but hey, maybe next year, I suppose.

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For the 2023 Freewheeler model, Harley-Davidson has gone for an American-made trike with attitude-soaked cruise styling while it has also received a blacked-out makeover. Instead of the former bright finishes, headlight nacelle, the front end, tank console, powerplant, exhaust, and hand and foot controls. The end result is a striking transformation in appearance, which highlights the model’s unrefined, hot-rod attitude.

Harley-Davidson has redesigned the body panels for a much more compact visual appeal. The minimal chrome package looks cool on the bike. Power continues to come from the majestic Milwaukee-Eight 114 air/oil-cooled V-twin motor with plenty of torque from the lower rev band. The engine will give you ample power to stretch your arms at the controls of the bike. 

Its bigger rear wheels further add a stance to the trike unlike any other. Electric reverse, bob-tailed fenders, and a massive weatherproof rear trunk set this bike apart. Further, the new cast aluminum wheels are something that you won’t be able to stop staring at.

Model NameTrike Freewheeler®
Engine Size1868 cc (114 ci)
Engine TypeMilwaukee-Eight™ 114 V Twin
HorsepowerNot provided
Torque165 Nm @ 2750 RPM
Dry Weight1074 lbs (488 kg)
Wet Weight1110 lbs (504 kg)
Length103 in (2615 mm)
Wheelbase65.7 in (1670 mm)
Ground Clearance4.9 in (125 mm)
Fuel Capacity6 gallons (22.7 liters)
Fuel Efficiency43 US MPG (5.5 L/100km)
Seat Height27.6 in (700 mm)
PriceMSRP: $29,999
Valve ConfigurationOHV – Pushrod
Compression Ratio10.5:1
Fuel TypeGas
Fuel RequirementsPremium
Fuel InjectorYes
Transmission TypeManual
Number Of Speeds6
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel)Belt
Front Suspension TypeTelescopic Fork
Rear Suspension TypeIndependent
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Anti-Lock BrakesStandard
Seat TypeOne-Piece
Number Of Seats2

Design and dimensions

Harley-Davidson has released three distinctive trike models for 2023 – Tri Glide Ultra, Road Glide 3, and the Freewheeler. While there are some similarities between the first two, the Freewheeler is actually a unique three-wheeler in this category. It is a lot smaller and lighter in dimensions compared to the other trikes in the lineup. In fact, the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) is the lightest Harley-Davidson Trike currently on sale today.

Further, the blacked-out trike from Harley-Davidson has a custom stance, which makes it the sportiest of the lot. The company has completely eliminated the bulky side luggage carriers and the front fairing to give the bike a compact and sporty form. Trikes are extremely cool but the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) is distinctively cool.

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Harley-Davidson made the decision to go for a strictly aesthetic makeover for its Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023). The most prominent major update comes in the form of a lot of black. Almost all the chrome elements present in the 2022 Freewheeler have been painted black.

The blacked-out bits in the bike include the headlight housing, exhaust system, tank-mounted instrument console, the hand and foot levers, and the V-twin engine. The wheels have been up-sized from 15 inches to 18 inches cast aluminum units at the rear and they look extremely classy in gloss black. Further, the ape handlebar has been painted black, assuring that they leave no stones unturned.

The rear and front fenders have been redesigned and aren’t a lot snugger with the wheels. The body panels on the bike sit a lot tighter and blend in well, which makes the 2023 Freewheeler a lot more compact than other Harley-Davidson Trikes released. The blacked-out bits look extra cool, especially with the White Sand paint job.

Performance and riding experience

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) in the rear trunk offered me 2 cubic feet of cargo space. This storage was weatherproof, which meant my cargo was safe from the vagaries of nature. Moreover, market trike conversions will only add to the charm and make things better.

The Freewheeler will require muscular hardware to get along. The suspension duties of the bike are carried out by 49mm front forks and adjustable rear suspension. Thanks to the dual floating front rotors, the braking system of the bike is robust. It is coupled to 32mm four-piston fixed calipers effectively. Meanwhile, the fixed rear rotors are duly connected to 26mm piston-integrated park brakes.

The rear and front trike-specific Dunlop tires transfer the power of the V-twin engine to the tarmac. Adding to it is that the Freewheeler also has an extra shot of safety compared to the other two-wheeled bikes. I felt a lot snugger on the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) with oodles of torque from the lower rev band.

Despite the added stability, trikes typically require extra safety. The 2023 Freewheeler takes extra precautions and comes with a safety package. Thanks to the elimination of the front fairing and the bulky side luggage carriers, this has become a sportier and more compact bike.

The riding experience on my Freewheeler was distinctively fantastic. While the power to the bike comes from the iconic Milwaukee-Eight air/oil-cooled V-twin engine, the bigger rear wheels add a stance unlike any other. Further, Harley-Davidson has also tweaked the electric reverse gear and made it smoother.

Technology and Accessories

The new Freewheeler (2023) may have gotten more compact than some of the older models but I was still able to get around 2 cu-ft of cargo space in the rear trunk. The bike offers a weatherproof storage space, which kept my luggage safe from all forces of nature. Harley-Davidson also tweaked the electric reverse gear to be much smoother on this behemoth of a three-wheeler that weighs over 1,100 pounds. Meanwhile, there is a subtle addition of more “black” drama on the visual front alongside the fusion of matte and gloss-painted elements. Further, the engine block is glossy while the exhaust headers are matte black. The air-cooling fins on the engine head and pushrods have a pinch of chrome to not lose touch with Harley-Davidson’s distinctive shine.

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Harley-Davidson offers a bare-bone setup compared to other trikes, with the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023). However, those looking for more visual drama can add bits from a comprehensive yet thoroughly loaded set of accessory packages for the Freewheeler.

The Long-Haul Package is the most notable one and it comes at an additional premium of $2,369. As the name suggests, this package would load your Freewheeler with a lot of touring features. It comprises 12 items, including a leather passenger backrest, a rear luggage race, a massive 16-inch windscreen, a number of helpful electrical tweaks, and multiple comfort and protection add-ons. The other accessory packages offered on the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) focus on performance with performance air intake upgrades.

Safety and equipment

The hefty bike does need beefy hardware to get going. The suspension duties have been taken care of by 49mm front forks as well as hand-adjustable rear suspension. The braking setup in the bike is solid with dual floating front rotors (which are coupled to 32mm 4-piston fixed calipers) and fixed rear rotors (which are coupled to 26mm piston integrated park brake). Harley has made use of 130-section 19-inch front and 215-section 18-inch rear Freewheeler-specific Dunlop tires that help transfer the V-twin’s grunt to the tarmac.

Being a powerful trike, the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) has an extra dose of safety compared to two-wheeled motorcycles. The three-wheelers, despite the added stability, require extra safety features. A great example of a trike going infamous because of safety issues is the Honda ATC trike.

Taking extra precautions, the new Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) comes with various safety packages that include bits like ABS, Traction Control System, Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking, and Drag-Torque Slip Control System.

Harley Davidson Freewheeler (2023)

Price and availability

All the coolness of the bike comes at a premium of just $1,500 over the 2022 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler. Aside from the gothic three-wheeled Harley-Davidson, there are also new standard models like the new Harley-Davidson Road Glide 3 Trike, the Harley-Davidson Nightster Special model, and the return of the Breakout after 3 years.

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) is a blacked-out unicorn among cool three-wheeled machines like the Can-Am Spyder, Polaris Slingshot lineup, and Ryker models. The Freewheeler is available in three color choices – Vivid Black, Bright Billiard Blue/Billiard Gray, and White Sand Pearl.

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) is $1,500 more than my Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2022) and comes at a starting price of $29,999. This ranks it as the cheapest trike offered by Harley-Davidson in its latest lineup. Meanwhile, the other two luxury trikes will make you shell out over the $30,000 mark.

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler (2023) is a blacked-out unicorn among cool three-wheeled machines like the Can-Am Spyder, Polaris Slingshot lineup, and Ryker models. The Freewheeler is available in three color choices – Vivid Black, Bright Billiard Blue/Billiard Gray, and White Sand Pearl.

The Vivid Black model is the only shade you will be able to get for under $30,000 for the Freewheeler. In comparison, the soothing White Sand Pearl will cost you a further $750 whereas the unique dual-tone Bright Billiard Blue-Billiard Gray will cost you $1,500 more.

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