Who Makes Harley-Davidson Brake Pads: Find The Best Brake Pads For A Premium Experience


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Who Makes Harley Davidson Brake Pads

Do you ever find yourself wondering who makes these high-performance Harley-Davidson brake pads?  If so, then you’re in the right place. You will get to know all about the brake pads here.

Harley-Davidson brake pads are made by a plethora of brands. However, the most reputed name known for producing the best quality and high-performing brake pads is EBC.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the different types of brake pads, who makes Harley-Davidson brake pads, and some of the best options in the market. Keep reading to know more.

Brake pads for Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Your motorcycle’s braking ability is often the pivotal thing that prevents you from getting into major accidents. For such moments, wearing the right brake pads is very important. Many Harley-Davidson owners tend to get caught up in the race to buy the latest and most innovative parts. Trying to find the best brake pads for your Harley-Davidson bike can end up in a lot of confusion. This is why you need to know about the brake pads for Harley-Davidson bikes and go for the best option.

The best route forward would be to stop overthinking and go for the basics. Unless you happen to be a track racer, spending big bucks on brake pads isn’t a worthy investment. One of the best places to look for information about brake pads would be in your Harley-Davidson owner manual. The OEM brake pads will be the ideal option for most Harley-Davidson bike owners. These will offer everything that one may need.

However, OEM brake pads are often on the expensive side. They are comfortably costlier than the brake pads offered by other brands. Some riders prefer the feel of a different brake pad than the OEM ones. This leads to a boost in performance while also improving stopping power. If performance is what you’re looking for, then you should consider going for sintered brake pads. These pads will prioritize performance. Meanwhile, semi-sintered pads are the better option if performance isn’t the end goal. These will be better if you want to maintain your stopping power with a different bite. 

Who makes Harley-Davidson brake pads?

The answer to who makes Harley-Davidson brake pads is a lot of brands. However, some brands are far superior to others. Here are some of the top brands that Harley-Davidson riders rely on for brake pads.

EBC brake pads

EBC has a reputation for being the frontrunner in motorcycle brake pad innovation. They offer a wide range of high-quality aftermarket brake pads. EBC brake pads get manufactured in the US and the UK, straight from the brand’s own manufacturing facility.

Galfer motorcycle brake pads

Galfer began production in 1946 as it was a brand based in Barcelona with European riders being the target audience. In the 90s, the brand expanded to the US market and has since become popular as a brake pad manufacturer. The brand is well-known for its high-performance motorcycle brake pads as well as rotors around the world.

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BikeMaster is popular for its high-quality OEM replacement parts, including brake pads at competitive prices. The brand has been manufacturing and distributing motorcycle components and tools since 1981. The brand’s brake pads will offer premium performance and the quality Harley-Davidson riders expect from OEM parts.

Lyndall Brakes

This brand has been supplying Harley-Davidson brake pads for more than two decades now. The brand specializes in offering high-quality and premium brake pads for V-Twin motorcycles. Lyndall Brakes has a strong focus when it comes to striking the perfect balance between high-quality performance pads and appealing aesthetics. The brand also boasts about being the only brake manufacturer having a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The brakes are fully organic and come in three different compounds to fit your riding style.

Harley-Davidson sintered brake pads

Many Harley-Davidson owners prefer a variety of brake pads as alternatives to stock pads that normally come with their bikes. In some cases, these replacement pads end up being far better than the stock pads. One of these alternatives is the sintered brake pads with organic brake pads. The Sintered brake pads are largely created using metallic parties. Meanwhile, organic pads are made up of softer materials like Kevlar, carbon, or aramid and bonded with a resin.

Another name for sintered brake pads is metallic brake pads or metal sintered brand pads. This is the case as they’re built using metallic particles that are made to go through a high-temperature, high-pressure process, fusing them together. Sintered brake pads are very popular as they give a tremendous performance in a wide range of conditions. You can easily ride on your Harley-Davidson bike with total assurance of safety even in wet or muddy conditions.

Harley-Davidson organic brake pads

The organic brake pads are normally made up of rubber, Kevlar, and silica and are bound with resin. In case you are offended by noise brakes, organic pads will be the best option. Often referred to as resin pads, these are the quietest type of brake pads. They will give you comparatively sharper braking, while you don’t have to warm up before they start working well.

The organic compounds in the brake pads will help insulate the pad from the caliper. This way, more heat will stay in the rotor while less heat will be transferred to the brake fluid. However, they’ll be more prone to fade in case of prolonged braking.

Harley Davidson Brake Pads

Organic pads will also wear out far quicker than other types of brake pads. This means you’ll have to change the pads far more frequently. They don’t perform well with wet or dirty riding, and they’ll glaze over, so you’ll need to recondition the pads. Organic pads will be a great choice for less extreme riding in dry conditions. These will work extremely well if you’re using them during summers, especially if you live somewhere with flat roads and aren’t riding with a lot of braking.

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Harley-Davidson semi-sintered brake pads

Semi-sintered pads will offer the right balance of durability and stopping power. These pads are designed by combining the best features of sintered and organic brake pads. They are manufactured using an organic compound, but they incorporate metal particles to increase their durability.

The other major advantage of these pads is that they offer better ultimate stopping power as compared to organic pads. Similar to organic pads, these are prone to glazing and are normally on the expensive side. These aren’t as quiet as the organic brake pads either. However, these are still a great all-around option for a Harley-Davidson rider as they’ll work well in both wet and dry conditions, without sacrificing longevity.

Best brake pads for Harley-Davidson touring bikes

1. EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad

If you’re in the market for the best Harley-Davidson brake pads, you should go for the EBC brand. The EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 come highly recommended for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. If you want brakes that stop securely and quietly, these will do the trick. Moreover, they’re durable and last long. It is worth noting that these brake pads are sintered and aren’t organic. Sintered brake pads are known for their ability to perform well even in challenging conditions, including muddy terrains.

2. Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads

This is one of the best brake pads options available for Harley-Davidson riders. These brake pads are sintered and offer exceptional performance. These brake pads will typically last longer than organic brake pads. Moreover, they will also be able to withstand the heat generated during heavy braking. The Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered brake pads are a great option if you’re driving through muddy terrains.

They are very safe and will give you the freedom needed to have fun when you’re riding your Harley-Davidson bike. Using sintered brake pads will give you the option to ride through most riding conditions, including racing, farm use, or even mud. They’ll also work well on hilly terrains and wet conditions.

3. Carbon Fiber Brake Pads ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Front and Rear Braking Pad

If you’re looking for quiet pads, then this is just what you should go for. These brake pads feature Kevlar carbon fiber compound that comes with an anti-noise shim. It is capable of delivering an extremely quiet braking experience.

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The Kevlar brake pads will deliver an exceptionally beautiful stopping power. This makes riding a Harley-Davidson bike a pleasuring experience, as you’ll have more control over your bike. The brake pads will create minimal noise, and you’ll have little to no rotor galling even with polished rotors. It is also worth noting that the Kevlar carbon brake pads will feature a combination of high-strength fibers. This makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

4. KMG Front + Rear Brake Pads

The KMG Front + Rear Brake Pads are non-metallic organic brake pads, and they come with the advantage of organic brake pads. These are typically made using a combination of fiber and resin. The materials used for manufacturing organic brake pads are softer than those that make sintered brake pads. That is why they are comparatively quieter, and they won’t squeak loudly.

The KMG brake pads feature a combination of high-strength fibers that reinforce the friction material of the pads. This will result in better performance, enhanced thermal stability and durability. Moreover, it’ll reduce the amount of abrasion on the rotor.

5. Lyndall Brakes Z-Plus Brake Pads Front or Rear 7195-Z

The Lyndall Brakes Z-Plus Brake Pads will be a great alternative for HD pads. HD pads may overheat and fade when you’re riding on tricky terrains like the mountains. However, they will help you with relative ease. They’re extremely low on brake fade.

While they aren’t entirely dust-free, they’re still a great option in that regard as compared to stock pads. Additionally, they are cleaner and will last longer than most other options.

Further, the comparison with stock pads wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the stopping power. These brake pads will give you far better performance than stock pads. When riding a Harley-Davidson bike, fast stopping will be necessary, which is something these pads offer. Being able to stop quickly will also liberate you as a rider while allowing you to take more risks.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you know more about who makes Harley-Davidson brake pads, the different types of brake pads, and some of the best options in the market. After reading this article, you’ll have further information in your quest to find the right brake pads for your Harley-Davidson bike. EBC is one of the most popular brands for brake pads, and you cannot go wrong with their products. However, the final choice will rest on you, your needs, and how comfortable you are with the choice.

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