What does FLSTN Stand for on a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?


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What Does Flstn Stand For Harley Davidson?

As a Harley-Davidson rider, you may have seen the acronym FLSTN on some of the bikes you’ve encountered. But what does this mysterious acronym actually stand for? This article will provide an in-depth explanation of the term and explain why it is so popular among Harley-Davidson riders. Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, you’ll find something valuable in this article. So buckle up, and let’s take a look at the meaning behind FLSTN!

Overview of Harley-Davidson FLSTN

The Harley-Davison FLSTN or also known as the Softail Deluxe is a motorcycle that carries a rich history and tradition. This bike remained popular among bikers for decades until it was discontinued in 2020. With its classic styling and timeless appeal, the FLSTN has long been an iconic member of the Harley-Davidson like.

The FLSTN is known for its distinctive retro design cues. It features a large sweeping front fender, a deeply contoured seat, wide whitewall tires, and generous amounts of chrome. These design elements take a page out of the golden age of American motorcycles, evoking a sense of nostalgia and capturing the imagination of bikers who appreciate timeless aesthetics.

Under its vintage-inspired appearance, the FLSTN comes equipped with modern engineering and performance capabilities. The motorcycle comes powered by a Milwaukee-Eight engine, delivering robust power and smooth performance whether driving on the highway or around the city. It also features the Harley’s Softail chassis, which combines a rigid-mounted engine with a hidden rear suspension, offering a comfortable ride without compromising the classic look.

The FLSTN has seen numerous updates and improvements over the years, reflecting Harley-Davidson’s commitment to enhancing the riding experience and meeting the evolving demands of bikers. These updates include advancements in engine technology, suspension, and other features, ensuring that the Harley-Davidson FLSTN remains a reliable and capable motorcycle.

What Does Flstn Stand For Harley Davidson

History of FLSTN

The Softail Deluxe was first introduced by Harley-Davidson in 1983 as a part of its Softail family of motorcycles. The bike’s design was heavily inspired by the styling of the 1949 Hydra Glide, which is a classic American motorcycle from the past. The FLSTN manages to embody the nostalgic essence of the bygone era while incorporating modern technology and performance. The motorcycle featured a distinctly retro look, which was characterized by a large front fender, abundant chrome accents, whitewall tires, and a deeply contoured seat.

From its initial release, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN quickly gained popularity among bikers who were looking for a motorcycle that combined vintage aesthetics with modern performance and reliability. The FLSTN Softail Deluxe appealed to people who were appreciative of the timeless design elements and craftsmanship that Harley was known for. All this while still offering a smooth and powerful riding experience.

Over the years, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN has seen many updates and enhancements to keep up with the changing rider preferences and technological advancements. Harley-Davidson continuously refined the FLSTN, incorporating improvements in engine technology, suspension systems, and ergonomics for enhancing rider comfort and performance.

In 2007, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN received a major upgrade with the introduction of the new Twin Cam 96B engine, offering increased power and torque. This engine was capable of offering bikers a thrilling riding experience. It successfully combined smooth acceleration with the signature V-twin rumble that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are renowned for.

In 2018, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN underwent a major transformation with the introduction of the Milwaukee-Eight engine. This engine brought forth improved fuel efficiency, better performance, and reduced heat emissions to the Softail Deluxe. This engine, available in different displacements, further helped enhance the FLSTN’s power delivery, which made it even more capable on the open road.

Throughout the history of the bike, the FLSTN has retained its distinct retro styling, which is reminiscent of the classic cruisers of yesteryear. This bike has become a canvas for customization, allowing the bikers to personalize their FLSTN with an impressive range of genuine Harley-Davidson accessories and aftermarket parts. From different paint schemes and finishes to seats, handlebars, and exhaust systems, bikers have the freedom to create a Softail Deluxe that reflects their individual style and preferences.

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN successfully garnered a devoted following, attracting bikers who appreciate its timeless design, powerful performance, and the esteemed feeling of riding a Harley-Davidson bike. It continues to be a prominent model in the Harley-Davidson lineup, embodying the spirit of freedom, individuality, and the open road that the iconic America brand is synonymous with.

What Does Flstn Stand For Harley Davidson

Recent history of the FLSTN

Despite being discontinued in 2020, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN still continues to hold a special place in the heart of riders and Harley enthusiasts. Its timeless design and powerful performance make it a sought-after choice for people who appreciate the blend of classic styling and modern functionality. The FLSTN’s popularity extends well beyond casual riders. It is also a favorite among customizers and motorcycle builders who use it as a base for creating personalized, one-of-a-kind machines.

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One of the reasons FLSTN has remained relevant throughout history is its versatility. It is equally at home cruising on open highways, meandering along scenic backroads, or turning heads on city streets. The bike’s comfortable riding position, smooth handling, and ample power make it a great choice for long rides. Meanwhile, its timeless appearance will ensure that it stands out wherever it goes.

Further, the FLSTN has become an emblem of the Harley-Davidson lifestyle. It represents the heritage and spirit of the brand, drawing bikers into the world of freedom, camaraderie, and individuality that Harley-Davidson embodies. This bike is commonly seen at motorcycle rallies, social gatherings, and events where bikers gather to share their passion for motorcycles and the open road.

What does FLSTN stand for Harley-Davidson?

Harley-Davidson is an iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, and it is known for its diverse lineup of motorcycles, each one designed by a unique combination of letters and numbers. These designations typically hold significant meaning, representing different aspects of the motorcycle’s features and characteristics. FLSTN is a model designation associated with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle known as the Softail Deluxe. To know more about the FLSTN and what does FLSTN stand for Harley-Davidson, it is important to break down the meaning behind each letter in the designation.

The “F” in FLSTN stands for “Big Twin Engine”. In Harley-Davidson’s naming convention, the letter “F” refers to the engine series that is being used in the motorcycle. It’ll indicate that the bike is equipped with a Big Twin engine. The Big Twin engines are Harley-Davidson’s iconic V-twin engines known for their torque, power, and distinctive sound.

The “L” in FLSTN represents a “Big Twin Longitudinal Engine”. This letter signifies that the bike comes powered by a Big Twin engine mounted longitudinally. This indicates that the engine is positioned lengthwise alongside the motorcycle’s frame, parallel to the direction of travel. The longitudinal engine layout is a characteristic feature of many Harley models.

The “S” in FLSTN represents the Softail Chassis. The Softail chassis is a unique design that combines the appearance of a rigid-mounted frame with a hidden rear suspension. It will provide the classic look of a hairtail (rigid) frame while offering improved comfort and ride quality.

The “T” in the FLSTN Softail Deluxe signifies that the bike comes equipped with a Twin Shock Rear Suspension. The twin shocks are positioned under the Softail Deluxe, hidden from view, giving the illusion of a rigid rear end.  This setup will help provide a smoother ride by absorbing bumps and vibrations.

The “N” in FLSTN stands for the “specific model variant”. The letter “N” will denote the specific model variant within the Softail Deluxe lineup. It represents a particular trim level, color scheme, or other distinguishing features that differentiate it from other Softail Deluxe models. The “N” designation might vary across different model years or editions.

What are the advantages of the Harley-Davidson FLSTN?

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN or also known as the Softail Deluxe is a motorcycle that has garnered a loyal following and is highly regarded by bikers all over the world. It is a combination of classic styling, modern performance, and comfort, which make it a compelling choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. If you’re pondering over whether or not to go for a Harley-Davidson FLSTN, perhaps knowing its advantages will help you make a well-informed decision. Here are some of the primary advantages of the Harley-Davidson FLSTN.

#1. Classic design

One of the key advantages of the Harley-Davidson FLSTN is its timeless and nostalgic design. Inspired by the golden age of American motorcycles, the Softail Deluxe will feature classic styling cues, including a large front fender, abundant chrome accents, whitewall tires, and a deeply contoured seat. Its retro aesthetics will evoke a sense of heritage and authenticity, making it stand out from the crowd.

#2. An extremely comfortable ride

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN offers an extremely comfortable riding experience thanks to its ergonomics and suspension setup. The chassis, with its hidden rear suspension, will provide a smooth ride by absorbing road imperfections while maintaining the appearance of a rigid frame. The spacious seat, well-positioned handlebars, and foot controls will contribute to a relaxed riding position. This will allow for long hours on the road with minimal fatigue.

#3. Robust power

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN comes equipped with Harley-Davidson’s renowned Big Twin engine. This engine is capable of delivering impressive power and torque. The Milwaukee-Eight engine is available in various displacements, and it offers smooth acceleration and ample power for both city riding and highway cruising. The FLSTN’s engine is designed by providing a satisfying riding experience, with responsive throttle control, and a distinctive V-twin rumble.

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#4. Handling and stability

Despite a classic design, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN offers modern handling and stability. The Softail suspension, combined with a low center of gravity will provide a planted and confident feel on the road. Cornering is quite smooth and predictable and the FLSTN maintains stability even at higher speeds. This will ensure a controlled and enjoyable riding experience, whether navigating city streets or taking on twisty mountain roads.

#5. Potential for customization

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN serves as an excellent canvas for customization. The prospect of customization allows the bikers to personalize their bike to reflect their unique style. Harley-Davidson offers an impressive range of genuine accessories and customization options, including different paint schemes, seats, handlebars, and exhaust systems. This flexibility will enable bikers to create a one-of-a-kind FLSTN that meets their specific preferences and stands out from the crowd.

#6. Brand legacy

As a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the FLSTN is part of an iconic brand having a rich heritage and a passionate community of riders. Owning a Harley-Davidson FLSTN will connect you to a storied legacy, steeped in tradition and a sense of camaraderie. Harley-Davidson owners often participate in group rides, rallies, and events, creating opportunities for shared experiences and lasting friendships.

What are the disadvantages of the Harley-Davidson FLSTN?

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN is an impressive bike that is loved by thousands around the world. The motorcycle comes with a lot of advantages that attract avid bikers and Harley enthusiasts. However, it is far from perfect as it comes with its set of disadvantages. Here are some of the drawbacks of a Harley-Davidson FLSTN that must know about before you make a decision.

#1. High price

One of the primary disadvantages of the Harley-Davidson FLSTN is its high price. Despite being discontinued, a used Harley-Davidson FLSTN can still cost you upwards of $21,000. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their premium quality and craftsmanship and the Softail Deluxe is no different. However, this quality comes at a higher cost compared to some other bikes on the market. The FLSTN’s price could be a barrier for bikers on a tight budget or those looking for more affordable options.

#2. Weight and limited maneuverability

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN is a rather heavy motorcycle. This can affect its maneuverability, especially when riding at slow speeds or in tight spaces. The weight of the bike can make it quite challenging to navigate in heavy traffic or maneuver in parking lots. Bikers who prefer a lighter and more nimble motorcycle might find this one to be less agile and potentially more cumbersome to handle.

#3. Limited off-road capacity

While the Harley-Davidson FLSTN performs quite well on paved roads and well-maintained surfaces, its design and suspension setup isn’t suited for off-road adventures. The Softail chassis, while providing a smooth ride on highways and city streets might offer the same level of performance and suspension travel needed for off-road excursions. Bikers who enjoy exploring rough terrains or venturing off the beaten path might find the FLSTN’s capabilities rather limited in this regard.

#4. Customization costs

While the prospect of customization is largely considered to be a major advantage of this bike, it also comes with added costs. Genuine Harley-Davidson accessories and parts can be rather expensive compared to aftermarket alternatives. For bikers who need to personalize their FLSTN extensively, the costs of customization can add up quickly. It is important that you consider the potential expenses associated with customization when deciding upon the FLSTN.

#5. Maintenance and regular servicing

Like any high-performance bike, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN needs regular maintenance and servicing to keep it in optimal condition. Harley-Davidson bikes often come with specific maintenance requirements and servicing at authorized dealerships can be quite costly. Bikers must be prepared for potentially higher maintenance costs as compared to other motorcycle brands.

What Does Flstn Stand For Harley Davidson

How much does purchasing and maintaining a Harley-Davidson FLSTN cost?

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN or Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe is a popular bike best known for its classic styling and modern performance. While this bike offers an exceptional riding experience, it is important for potential owners to consider the cost and maintenance aspects involved with owning an FLSTN. You need to make sure that you are in a position to afford to buy and maintain this beauty before you purchase it.

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The different cost considerations of a Harley-Davidson FLSTN include –

#1. Initial purchase price

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN is a premium motorcycle, reflecting the high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and heritage associated with the brand. Even though the bike got discontinued in 2020, it can easily cost you upward of $21,000. The only way of getting your hands on an FLSTN would be by looking for a used Harley-Davidson FLSTN. The price of the FLSTN is much higher than most other bikes in the market. It is important for potential buyers to be aware of the initial investment needed when considering the FLSTN. 

#2. Insurance

The cost of insuring a Harley-Davidson FLSTN can be quite high compared to insuring other bikes. This is because of its premium nature and potential repair costs. The insurance rates might vary depending on factors like the rider’s age, location, riding experience, and coverage options. It is advisable to obtain insurance quotes from different providers to find the most suitable coverage at a competitive price.

#3. Fuel consumption

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN’s powerful engine and larger displacement can greatly result in relatively higher fuel consumption in comparison to smaller motorcycles or more fuel-efficient models. Bikers must consider the potential fuel costs when planning long rides or daily commuting, especially if fuel prices are a concern or if they have specific mileage requirements.

Once you have purchased the bike, there are various maintenance requirements and costs to consider. Here are some of them –

#1. Scheduled servicing

Like any other Harley bike, the Harley-Davidson FLSTN also requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Harley-Davidson recommends that you should adhere to scheduled servicing intervals outlined in the owner’s manual. These intervals typically include oil changes, fluid checks, filter replacements, and inspections of different components. It is important that you factor in the cost of these regular servicing appointments when you’re budgeting for the maintenance of the FLSTN.

#2. Genuine parts and accessories

Harley-Davidson recommends that you should use genuine parts and accessories specifically designed for their motorcycles. While these parts and accessories offer the best fit and performance, they can be more expensive compared to aftermarket alternatives. Bikers who prefer genuine Harley-Davidson parts and accessories must be prepared for potentially higher costs when replacing or upgrading components on their FLSTN.

#3. Authorized servicing

Harley-Davidson has a network of authorized dealerships and service centers where bikers can have their FLSTN serviced by trained technicians. While these authorized service centers offer expertise and use genuine Harley-Davidson parts, their labor rates might be quite high compared to independent motorcycle workshops. Bikers must consider the overall cost of authorized servicing when planning for the ongoing maintenance of their FLSTN.

#4. Extended warranty

Harley-Davidson offers extended warranty options for additional coverage beyond the standard warranty period. While this might provide peace of mind and financial protection against expected repairs, it comes at an additional cost. Bikers who value extended warranty coverage must factor in the expense of purchasing and maintaining an extended warranty for their Harley-Davidson FLSTN.

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What does FLSTN stand for?

FLSTN stands for Softail Deluxe, which is an incredibly popular model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It is a bike known for its classic styling, timeless design, powerful engine, and comfortable riding position. The letters in FLSTN are found in the Harley-Davidson naming convention with each letter carrying its own significance. “F” represents the Big Twin engine, “L” denotes the Big Twin Longitudinal Engine configuration, “S” stands for the Softail chassis, “T” signifies the Twin Shock Rear Suspension, and “N” represents the specific model variant within the Softail Deluxe lineup. Properly understanding these letters will provide valuable insights into the key features and characteristics of the Harley-Davidson FLSTN. This will allow the bikers and Harley enthusiasts to appreciate the heritage and engineering behind this iconic motorcycle.

What are the features of the Harley-Davidson FLSTN?

The Harley-Davidson FLSTN or Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe was a tremendous bike that embodied class with its modern stylings. Bikers greatly appreciated the heavy use of chrome, white-wall designs, and fender design that was very reminiscent of a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere.

Did the Harley-Davidson FLSTN get discontinued?

The first Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe debuted in 1983 before shortly evolving into the Softail Deluxe. This bike enjoyed an impressive run for more than three decades before it was discontinued in 2020. It is still available in the used motorcycle market if you look for it.

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