Who Makes Harley-Davidson Leather Jackets?


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Who Makes Harley Davidson Leather Jackets

Are you a biker, curious about who is responsible for making the leather jackets you wear when riding your Harley? If so, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Making Harley-Davidson leather jackets is the responsibility of Harley-Davidson itself. It is one of the most popular brands for all things motorcycle, and its inventory extends far beyond just bikes. Harley-Davidson also makes apparels, leather jackets, gloves, helmets, keychains, gifts, and a lot more. 

In this article, you’ll get to know all about Harley-Davidson leather jackets, who makes Harley-Davidson leather jackets, where to buy Harley-Davidson leather jackets, how to choose the right Harley-Davidson leather jacket, and more. Stick around to get all the answers that you’re looking for.

Who makes Harley-Davidson leather jackets?

With more than four million committed bikers in the United States alone, the Harley-Davidson is among the most popular brands. Moreover, it is also one of the most popular brands in the leather industry. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a biker or a leather enthusiast, Harley-Davidson has numerous high-quality leather jacket options. The leather jackets are produced by Harley-Davidson itself in the numerous factories that the company has around the world. Some of those factories are located in York in Pennsylvania, Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Kansas City in Missouri, Bawal in India, and Manaus in Brazil.

Harley-Davidson is very accepting of the very nature of leather as a material. Leather is a natural product, and it comes with wrinkles and natural creases. These things are what guarantee the authenticity of your leather product. The leather used in the jackets comes from a variety of skin from buffalo, cow, goat, etc. All the Harley-Davidson leather jackets are dyed to the inner layers, ensuring retention of color despite the wear agents. These jackets are made to provide you with comfort and warmth, and they’re perfect for leather enthusiasts and bikers. Known for their style and outstanding durability, Harley-Davidson jackets will provide you with years of elegance and optimum quality.

Where to order Harley-Davidson leather jackets from?

Whether you reside in the United States or abroad, Harley-Davidson has more than 1,400 dealerships in over 100 countries. You can purchase the leather jackets both in-store and online through the Harley-Davidson official website.  The company has a wide variety of leather jackets for all shapes, sizes, and genders. You’ll also be able to find dealers near you through Harley-Davidson’s website.

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Some of the best bits about buying leather jackets from Harley-Davidson include innovative custom fits, high-quality materials, and exceptional customer service. Moreover, the customization options are unmatched when you’re taking into consideration the affordable price they come at. If you’re a savvy customer who cares about bigger things than just the brand name, you simply cannot go wrong with Harley-Davidson. The brand has always been known for its amazing leather jackets, and long may it continue. 

If you’re purchasing leather jackets from Harley-Davidson’s official website, you could get free shipping in the United States. There are sales and special discounts during special occasions, while the inventory gets updated from time to time. There are countless exciting options, and you can browse the website for the leather jacket of your choice. You’ll also get to sort out the products by size, price, relevance, etc. There is also an option for gift cards, as they can be redeemed on the Harley-Davidson website. You can redeem the gift cards at all Harley-Davidson dealers across the United States, Factory Tours, and the Harley-Davidson museum, and in both in-store and online purchases.

Shopping through the official website of Harley-Davidson is easy. From the homepage, you should head over to the homepage and from the options, go to either men/women and select “Jackets and Vests”.  Then, in the webpage that opens, select “Leather Jackets” from the Popular Categories. This will take you to the webpage that shows all the available leather jackets for men. You’ll now be able to choose the leather jacket of your choice and then click on it.

The landing page of each jacket will show you the price, the product description, the available sizes, and more. Once you have chosen the accurate size, add it to the cart. When checking out, mention your address, your method of payment, and other information.

Professional Biker Wearing Harley Davidson Jacket While Riding In Motorcycle

What are the different payment options available?

You can either pay through PayPal or enter your card details. You will also have the option to pay using Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Harley-Davidson visa, and gift cards. Furthermore, you can use the Harley-Davidson gift cards for reducing the total price and then pay the rest through your card. 

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Harley-Davidson has a full refund return policy, which means if anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to return the jacket. You can return the leather jacket for any reason within a 60-day period. Once you’ve returned the product, you’ll be receiving a refund of the full amount. You can either return it to your original selling dealer or request a refund online by mailing the product back. The return will get refunded to the original method of payment. The returned item needs to be in its original condition and packaging.

How to choose a suitable leather jacket?

Choosing the right leather jacket for your outfit is an individual process and varies from biker to biker. There are many factors that you should consider including color, style, price, and more. Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of leather jackets to choose from.  Moreover, there is a wide range of price options to suit every budget. The men’s section has leather jackets that range from $256 up to $650. Meanwhile, the women’s jacket section has jackets that range from $243 up to $395.

Choosing the best jacket for your outfit will depend on your needs. A high-quality leather jacket can last for several years or even decades. It is an incredibly valuable investment, so you should be mindful of your choice. 

1. The weather conditions in which you’ll wear the jacket

To choose the leather jacket, you need to first decide if you’re wearing it in cooler or warmer weather. Leather jackets come with different ventilation techniques. 

2. Suitable size of the jacket

Choosing a suitable size will be essential. You need to be able to bend your arm comfortably. You should be aware that your jacket will stretch a bit over time. The cuffs need to be just above your wrists.

3. The quality of the leather

Lighter-weight leather is largely considered to be the best leather. You would not want your leather jacket to be dragging you down. Make sure that you are choosing the weight that best suits you.

4. The allocated budget

Choose the leather jacket that best suits your allocated budget. It is worth noting that high-quality leather jackets are quite expensive. However, they are a worthy investment as they’re generally made using optimum quality leather that can last for many years.

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5. Match your style

Choose a leather jacket that perfectly matches your style. Leather jackets come in different colors and styles. Double rider jackets are generally leather jackets that have a flared collar and diagonal zippers. Bomber leather jackets are soft, warm, and waist-length. Racer jackets are slim fit and generally come without a collar.

Each Harley-Davidson leather jacket will come with a unique style and features. Carefully read the product details, as it’ll be a great place to start when you’re ordering the leather jacket online. 

Professional Harley Davidson Rider Wearing Leather Jacket While Sitting In Motorcycle

How to take care of your Harley-Davidson leather jacket?

Purchasing an expensive leather jacket is always a significant value for money. It is even more impressive when you purchase from a reputed brand like Harley-Davidson. Even the best quality leather needs special care to remain soft and supple. It is advised that you read the manufacturer’s label on the leather jacket and contact customer support for further assistance. 

Generally, there are certain tips to remember to ensure that your leather jacket remains as good as new.

  • Keep your jacket dry at all times, which means you should avoid wearing it in rainy or snowy conditions 
  • Avoid storing your jacket where it can get exposed to sunlight for long periods of time as it’ll make the colors fade away
  • Hang your jacket neatly while ensuring it isn’t folded for prolonged periods of time as it’ll increase the creases and cracks
  • Store the leather jacket in a cool place as the heat will make the leather brittle and could come off
  • Store the jacket on padded hangers to avoid any unnecessary creasing 
  • It isn’t recommended that you should clean the jackets at home, even if the label states that you can
  • You should always get your Harley-Davidson leather jacket cleaned professionally 


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about Harley-Davidson leather jackets, who makes Harley-Davidson leather jackets, where to buy Harley-Davidson leather jackets, how to choose the right Harley-Davidson leather jacket, and more. Manufacturing Harley-Davidson leather jackets is the responsibility of Harley-Davidson itself. It is one of the most popular brands for all things motorcycle, and its inventory extends far beyond just bikes. Harley-Davidson also makes apparel, leather jackets, gloves, helmets, keychains, gifts, and a lot more.

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