How To Wear A Bandana For Motorcycle Riding: Different Methods To Wear A Bandana


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How To Wear A Bandana For Motorcycle Riding

Are you a Harley-Davidson rider looking to give yourself a proper biker look by wearing a bandana, but don’t know how to? If so, then you shouldn’t worry as, by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know all about it.

Wearing a bandana for motorcycle riding is fairly simple and can be done in multiple ways. Some of the most common methods are the diamond shape method, the traditional trifold method, the pirate fold method, and more. 

In this article, you’ll get to know all about biker bandanas, why wear a bandana when riding a motorcycle, how to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding, different methods to wear a biker bandana, and more. Stick around to get all the answers that you’re looking for.

Why do Harley-Davidson bikers wear bandanas?

A bandana is a rather modest accessory that has been in use for decades. It’s an accessory with limitless possibilities of functions housed within an unassuming square of thin cotton fabric. The biker’s bandanas are also commonly known as doo-rags, and they’re fashionable and functional. The versatile head-ware protects the scalp from the sun, offering a cushion under a motorcycle helmet. Meanwhile, it’ll also keep your hair in place when you’re riding a Harley-Davidson bike.

While offering different safety features for the wearer, bandanas will allow you to display your favorite colors and brand names. The key to wearing a biker bandana is to tie them on safely and correctly. This way, they don’t get blown into the wind and potentially obscure another biker’s view.

Biker bandanas soak up sweat, keeping it out of your eyes during hot, summer days. The sweat can transfer to the lower parts, where it’ll act as an evaporative air conditioner. This is the case if the bandana is made using cotton or other materials, allowing it to evaporate. On cooler days, your bandana will act like a helmet liner and keep your head warm.

A biker bandana will keep your hair tamed if you’ve got long hair. The bandana sits lower than your helmet. If it isn’t in a ponytail, and it’s longish, it’ll flap around and make it tricky to see. Protect your head from your helmet rubbing on it, especially if you’ve got a shaved head.

The bandana looks incredibly cool, and it’ll give your head added protection from the sun.  Moreover, it’ll offer your head protection from hail, bugs, road debris, etc. with a half shell. The bandana will be enough protection to take most of the sting out of the things that hit your head.

What to look for when buying a motorcycle bandana?

If you’re looking to buy a biker bandana to wear when riding a Harley-Davidson bike, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Here are some of the important things to consider when buying a new motorcycle bandana.

Material of the bandana

One of the things that you should consider when buying a new bandana is to look at the materials it is made of. Make sure that they aren’t just flexible, but also extremely comfortable. It’ll allow the rider to wear them over their ears and mouth and not feel restricted. Stiffer bands might irritate your skin, while flimsy netting could offer little protection from a windy day on your bike.

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Pattern of the bandana

You’ll have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of patterns when looking to buy a Harley-Davidson biker bandana. The options include skull prints, tie-dye effects, camouflage prints, or paisley textures.  A Harley-Davidson rider might choose to match his helmet’s design of choice or pattern. You can even go for an entirely different combination, which reflects your personality and personal style. In any case, the most important thing would be to choose a style that fits one’ lifestyle and needs.

Color of the bandana

Most bandanas for Harley-Davidson riding come in black, red, or white colors. However, some manufacturers do sell more colorful versions like green, blue, orange, or yellow color. These colors reflect the biker’s preference for style and safety while riding on two wheels.

How to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding?

Motorcycle bandanas or also referred to as doo-rags are both functional and fashionable. The cloth head-ware products will protect your scalp from the sun, and provide a cushion under your helmet, while also keeping your hair in place when riding a bike. Aside from offering safety features, bandanas also allow you to display your favorite colors, logos, and brand names. 

The key to wearing Harley-Davidson bandanas safely would be to tie them on correctly. Make sure that they don’t get blown into the wind, obscuring the view of other bikers. It’s incredibly simple to tie a bandana when riding a Harley-Davidson bike –

  • Hold a flat, square bandana
  • Grab the biker bandana along two of the sides and not the corners
  • Turn it so that it’s in a diamond shape while having one of the corners facing the floor
  • Fold the top corner of the biker bandana toward you
  • Allow the point of the top corner for reaching the center of the bandana 
  • For fitting larger heads, you shouldn’t allow the point of the top corner to go to the center of the bandana 
  • Face into the wind such that your fair flow away from your face while tipping your chin own
  • Place the straight folded side of the biker bandana slightly low across your forehead (only 1-1.5 inches above your eyebrows)
  • Let the rest of the fabric flow up and over your head
  • The fold of the fabric should be facing down and touching your hair or scalp
  • Hold the long ends of your biker bandana out to each side of your head, slightly above your ears
  • Adjust your bandana to the right or left such that it is centered
  • While holding the fabric, use your fingers to smoothen the back tail of the bandana such that it is lying flat against your nape
  • With the fabric, reach around the back of your head 
  • Tie the two ends of the bandana at the back of your head, slightly above your nape
  • The knot must be tight and even with the base of your ears
  • If you’re running your hands from below your ears to the back of your head, you’ll feel the knot
  • Create a second secure not and tie the fabric once more
  • Allow the tail of your bandana to flow over the nape as it’ll protect you from sunburn 
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Alternate ways to tie a bandana for motorcycle riding

Making a traditional tri-fold

Fold your bandana into a triangle – Lay your biker bandana on a flat surface like a tabletop. Then, smoothen out any wrinkles or bunches in the fabric. Bring the opposite corners of the motorcycle bandana to create a triangle.

How To Wear A Bandana For Motorcycle Riding - Man Making Trifold Bandana

Position your bandana on your head – Smoothen back your hair so that they aren’t sticking out from under the bandana. Pick up your folded bandana with the point of the triangle pointing upwards. Carefully place the flat edge of the bandana on your forehead or near your hairline.

Tie the corners together – Bring in the two corners of the bandana around your head such that they meet behind. Keep the edge of your bandana above your ears while tying the ends together in a square knot.

Ensure that the bandana isn’t excessively tight or excessively loose before securing it. Moreover, it’ll be easier if you fold the bandana before tying it around your head.

Tuck in the corner point of the bandana – Tuck the loose corner of your biker bandana under the knot where you have tied it. It’ll help you keep the bandana from coming loose or blowing up. Smoothen out any stray hair that is sticking out of the bandana. Once you tuck in the corners, ensure that the bandana is lying flat on your head.

Creating a Bandana headband

Fix your hair – Before putting on a bandana, fix your hair how you want it to book under the bandana. Adjusting the hair afterward might cause your bandana to become displaced or untied.

How To Wear A Bandana For Motorcycle Riding - Woman Wearing Bandana

Fold your biker bandana into a headband – Lay your biker bandana flat on a solid surface. Fold it over and over again in 2-inch increments. Continue to fold until the Bandana becomes one long strip.

Spray the bandana headband with hairspray – For ensuring that your bandana headband stays on, spray it with hairspray before you put it on. Lay the folded bandana with the inside facing upwards and spray from the middle of the bandana towards each end.

Position and tie the bandana headband – Position your folded bandana on or near your hairline, depending on whether you’ll be showing any hair or not. Hold each end of the bandana and pull them under your hair, tying them at the base of your neck. You can even roll the bandana and tie it around your ponytail for an attractive look.

Tie the bandana headband upwards – Position the middle of the bandana strip at the base of your head and under your hair. Pull both ends of the bandana above your ears, around your head, and to the top of your head. You should tie a square knot for securing the headband.

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Secure the bandana headband – For keeping your bandana headband in place, pin it down using bobby pins. Pin your bandana headband behind your head or behind your ears for securing it. Avoid pinning down your hairstyle at the top of your head, as the pins will be more obvious here.

Making the pirate fold

Fold one corner of the bandana part of the way over – Lay out your bandana flat. Take one of the corner triangles and then bring it towards the middle of your bandana. Fold it over such that the triangle reaches around 2 inches below the opposite corner of your bandana.

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Place your bandana in the middle of your forehead  – Pick up your bandana by each end and then bring it to your forehead. Ensure that the flat edge of the bandana is sitting above your eyebrows. Move the ends of the bandana around the back of your head such that the back is level with your ears.

Tie the ends of your bandana – Tie your bandana with a simple, square knot. Then, tuck in the overhanging top corner behind the knot. Lastly, smoothen down the hair on top of your head while ensuring that the bandana is snug.

Tying a Bandana bracelet

Fold your bandana – Fold the bandana into a triangle. From there on, you can start by folding the bandana in increments of the width that you would like your bracelet to be. Ensure that the folds are even and crisp. To get clean lines, iron out the lines as you’re folding the bandana.

Wrap your bandana around your wrist – Once you’re done folding, and you have a long strip of material, you should wrap it around your wrist. Leave almost a finger’s worth of space between your bracelet and your wrist for ensuring that it isn’t too tight. Continue to wrap it around until there’s almost an inch of material hanging from each side of the bracelet.

Secure your bracelet – Tie your bandana bracelet in a square knot. For ensuring that it stays put, you should put double the knot or add safety pins for securing it. Lastly, tuck in the loose ends of your bandana on the underside of your wrist.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about biker bandanas, why wear a bandana when riding a motorcycle, how to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding, different methods to wear a biker bandana, and more. A bandana is an extremely versatile and fashionable accessory for any Harley-Davidson biker. Not only does it make you look cool, but it also protects your head from the helmet rubbing your head. Wearing a bandana for motorcycle riding is elementary and can be done in multiple ways. Some of the most common methods are the diamond shape method, the traditional tri-fold method, the pirate fold method, and more.

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