How Much Does A Road King Weight: Learn All About The Weight Of A Harley-Davidson Road King


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How Much Does A Road King Weight

Are you pondering over whether to purchase a Harley-Davidson Road King, but concerned about how much it weighs? If so, then you’re definitely in the right place.

A Road King weighs around 794 lbs or 360 kg if you’re wondering about its curb weight. The Harley-Davidson Road King weighs on the higher end of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle weight range. The bike has a Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engines with a displacement of 1,753cc, which is the primary reason for its weight.

In this article, you’ll get to know all about the Harley-Davidson Road King, how much a Road King weighs, the factors that make a Harley-Davidson bike weigh so much, the benefits of riding a heavy bike, the disadvantages, how to lose weight on a heavy Road King, and more. Continue reading and get all the answers about riding a heavy Road King.

How much does a Road King weight?

Nothing can beat speeding through the streets on a Harley-Davidson Road King and its monster engine. For some riders, the heavier the bike, the better it feels. This is why Harley-Davidson bikes, especially a Road King, are a huge favorite among bikers.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles generally range in weight between 500 – 1000lbs or 226.8 – 453.6 kg. The final weight will be affected by the model and how much you customize it. For instance, a Harley-Davidson SuperLow weighs around 544.5 lbs (247 kb) while the Fat Boy 114 weighs 652.6 lbs (296 kg). Interestingly, the Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited could weigh as high as 877.4 lbs or 386 kg.

As for how much does a Road King weight, it has a curb weight of 794 lbs or 360 kg. The Harley-Davidson Road King is the quintessential touring bike from Harley-Davison. It’s a wonderful cruiser bike with hard bags and a large windshield. It features classic styling and can easily go miles like a knife through melted butter. The term “king” in the name is definitely apt. 

The Road King comes with a Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, an air-cooled V-twin with a displacement of 1,753cc. The 107 Engine comes complemented with a six-speed manual transmission, which is capable of making 111 lb-ft of torque. The Harley-Davidson Road King is the type of bike that you’d get if you love the brand and want to ride a classic touring motorcycle. The Road King is a wonderful option for not only long touring rides, but also to ride around the town. 

What factors affect the weight of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

The most significant factor that affects the size and weight of the bike is the engine’s capacity in cubic centimeters. Some of the other elements that affect the weight of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle include –

Purpose of getting the bike

Each Harley-Davidson model comes with features that affect its weight. Some models like off-road bikes might have to navigate more difficult terrains. This is why they are lighter compared to other types of bikes. Street bikes require heaviness and balance to start on the road. This is why they weigh slightly more.

Cruiser bikes also have more features, which contributes to their weight. Meanwhile, sport bikes are much more focused on horsepower and speed compared to other types. This is why they can be a bit on the leaner side. A touring bike is designed for long rides with a passenger, which adds to the overall heaviness of the bike.

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Onboard gear

Saddlebags can contribute to the overall weight and girth of your Harley-Davidson bike. Moreover, a bike with a windshield and a full fairing is heavier than one having a few square inches of plastic and fiberglass. However, these pedals can only contribute a few extra pounds to your bike’s overall weight.

How Much Does A Road King Weight - Man With Gears Riding In Road King Bike

What are the advantages and disadvantages of riding a heavy Harley-Davidson bike?

Heavier motorcycles are safer and have a much better probability of surviving a crash compared to lighter motorcycles. Due to the additional weight, more force will be needed to knock over the bike. This way, it’ll protect you from any serious harm while also sustaining less damage.

Heavy Harley-Davidson bikes have wider tires for climbing over any bumps, potholes, or cracks. Their weight will be enough to counter strong winds, making it much easier to control the bike.

Another benefit of riding a heavy bike is that you’ll be able to load more equipment on it compared to a light bike. Moreover, they can easily accommodate two riders as there will be more space on the seat due to the size.

On the other hand, heavy Harley-Davidson bikes require a more powerful engine for accelerating and stronger brakes for slowing down. Moreover, the wheel and other moving parts will be extra challenging to handle.

Heavy Harley-Davidson bikes will require a higher level of concentration from the biker due to their weight. Beginners are generally advised to start off with lighter Harley-Davidson models, as they’ll be easier to ride.

How to reduce the weight of your Harley-Davidson Road King?

There are some ways for you to lower the total weight of your Road King. If weight is a major consideration, remember that you should account for the gear’s weight. Moreover, consider the prospect of a full tank of petrol when calculating the bike’s weight. Keep in mind, the listed weight on your bike is generally the dry weight (the weight without gas and accessories). With a lighter Road King, you’ll enjoy advantages like quicker steering response, better brake efficiency, and optimum speed. Here are some of the ways you can shed any extra weight off your Road King.

Get rid of any extra weights onboard

Saddlebags, windscreens, backrests, and other accessories could add unnecessary weight to your bike. It’ll make total sense to cut down your Road King to its bare essentials, especially if you’re looking to improve the gas efficiency. You can even take off the pillion footrests if you’re not going to ride with passengers.

High-performance components could be replacements

If you’re thinking of upgrading your sprockets or exhaust, now will be the right time to do so. Removing the exhaust and replacing the steel sprocket with a performance alternative drastically improves the appearance and weight of the Road King. You can even replace parts like the fasteners or the wheels with lighter options.

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Enhance the bike’s battery

Although motorcycle technology has advanced a lot, many bikes use lead-acid batteries.  Investing in a lithium-ion battery is one of the ways to reduce the weight of your Harley-Davidson bike. Lithium-ion batteries weigh just a third of what regular batteries do. This makes them a simple but costly solution to minimize bulk.

Safety tips to remember when riding a heavy Harley-Davidson bike

Use a full-face motorcycle helmet

You shouldn’t skip a motorcycle whether you’re going on a long journey or a nearby trip to a supermarket. Your safety will depend on the type of helmet you’re using from a different perspective. If you’re wearing a half-face helmet or an open-face helmet when riding a Harley-Davidson bike, it’s probably an unwise choice. These types of helmets are only good enough if you’re riding a low-speed, low-powered bike in normal weather conditions. However, a Harley-Davidson bike is not a normal bike, and you’ll always need to maintain the highest safety level.

These bikes are very heavy but durable. You’ll be able to ride at a great speed, but you’ll need to be extra cautious too. The full-face helmets for Harley-Davidson riders are recommended, as they’re manufactured with the riding conditions of the riders in mind. You’ll also need to consider the convenience and comfort of the helmet that you’re going for. Regardless of the option you go for, remember that for a powerful bike like a Road King, you’ll have to be extra careful with your safety.

Concentrate on the road and drive carefully

When riding a Harley-Davidson bike, they aren’t the easiest of bikes to drive, especially for beginners. Simply riding on flat roads on a Road King isn’t the same as riding a normal bike. You’ll need to maintain full focus and concentrate on the road when driving. Moreover, use all the necessary protective gear when riding a Harley-Davidson Road King.

How Much Does A Road King Weight - Man Driving Road King Bike

Hold the clutch using two fingers

You must keep control of the clutch and know that it is functioning properly. It’s an appreciated technique if you normally work it by using just your middle and index fingers. This way, you’ll be able to easily operate the clutch and will not have to struggle to adjust your grip again and again.

Stand up from time to time

Although riding a heavy Harley-Davidson bike is smooth if you know what you’re doing, you may have to stand up. You’ll need to stand up and adjust your balance frequently, as it’ll make your ride easier, especially on rough terrains. It’ll be a great way of bringing the center of gravity to the front such that your body weight gets supported by the footpegs. It will also offer a better impact on your bike’s bumper.

Avoid using front brakes when taking a turn

Riding on a heavy bike is a matter of maintaining high safety. As you’re driving a heavy Harley-Davidson bike, you might definitely cross the limit if you’re not careful. Regardless of how well you drive, there’s a huge possibility that you’ll encounter traffic and other people on the road. That time, you will need to halt by applying the brake. Remember, you should always hit the rear brake first. You should train your instinct to go for the rear brake first as it will ensure your safety.

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Wear proper boots

You must wear the right type of boots when you’re riding your Harley-Davidson bike. Proper boots will support you in reducing friction on your feet against the speed. You cannot just wear flip-flops or sandals when riding your Harley-Davidson bike. The heated parts might touch your sandals, initially spoiling them and ultimately burning your feet. On the other hand, if you’re using proper boots, you’ll be able to get a nice grip on the pedal bars.

Respect your lane

When riding a Harley-Davidson bike, it’ll be wise to respect your lane and not drive where you shouldn’t be driving. As Harley-Davidson bikes are quite heavy, if you’re in the wrong lane, it’ll be tough to make sudden turns and adjustments. You’ll be more prone to accidents if you’re not driving in your lane.

Lean in during turns

Always lean in when you’re crossing all the corner turns. You might have used this technique when crossing the first corner of your riding. However, this technique is a great practice if you want to avoid accidents. This is especially useful when taking turns out of the hairpins, you should apply this such that you get great control over the bike and its motions.

Watch out for any debris

Sand and debris like loose gravel will have a detrimental effect on your Harley-Davidson bike’s driving capabilities. Look to avoid any construction sites or roads under construction as sand and dust will be present on the road. This will make the road worse for your bike’s wheels. Remember, the traction of a car wheel isn’t really the same as a motorcycle wheel. This is why your bike can easily fall into a trap. On the other hand, if you’re running through the roads at a speed, the bikers behind you might experience dust flying through in their eyes.

If you’re riding in a group, it would be best if you give them a signal that there’s a potential chance of experiencing specks of dust and sand ahead. You could raise your hand and signal to your fellow riders about the danger. If you want to give a signal to the riders coming from the opposite direction, kick your right leg out and let them know about the hazards that are in front.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about Harley-Davidson Road King, how much does a Road King weight, factors that make a Harley-Davidson bike weigh so much, the benefits of riding a heavy bike, the disadvantages, how to lose weight on a heavy Road King, and more. A Harley-Davidson Road King weighs around 794 lbs or 360 kg if you’re wondering about its curb weight. The Harley-Davidson Road King weighs on the higher end of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle weight range. The bike has a Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine with a displacement of 1,753cc, which is the primary reason for its weight.

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