How Long Do Harley Tires Last


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How Long Do Harley Tires Last

Are you a Harley-Davidson biker who loves riding your new bike but wants to know how long will the tires last? If yes, then this blog just is the place to be.

How long do Harley tires last is a common question that most Harley-Davidson bikers have. On average, the front tires of Harley-Davidson can last between 15,000 and 20,000 miles while the rear wheel can last about 20,000 to 30,000 miles before having to be changed. However, this isn’t always guaranteed. Ultimately, the lifespan of your bike’s tires will depend on individual use. While the Harley-Davidson tires do not expire, they still have to be replaced after 4–5 years after the date of manufacture. In rare cases, it is possible for the tires to last for even 10 years.

In this article, you will get to know all about Harley-Davidson tires, how long do Harley tires last, how often should you replace Harley-Davidson tires, how to tell if the tires need to be replaced, and more. Continue reading to get all the answers that you are looking for.

Harley-Davidson Tires for All Types of Bikers

Whether you’re a seasoned biker or you’ve just purchased your first Harley-Davidson bike, you will need to have high-quality tires from brands like Harley-Davidson for the best grip, mileage, and performance.

Your Harley-Davidson bike motorcycle is your gateway to freedom and the key to the open road. You should take proper care and maintain it so that you can prevent anything from happening to your bike. Proper maintenance will include investing in high-quality motorcycle tires. While Harley-Davidson tires don’t come cheap, they are definitely worth every penny.

Yes, maintaining your bike can be quite costly, but the consequences of riding on a bike with worn-out tires are even more serious. If you’ve got a Harley-Davidson bike, you will need to get either Harley-Davidson tires or custom-designed motorcycle tires to get the best possible experience on the road. But once you’ve purchased the tires, one question still remains, how long will the tires last?

Find the Balance in Lifespan, Safety, Performance, and Value of Tires

When you’re in the market to replace your Harley-Davidson bike’s tires, you will want good value. The life of the tires seems to go hand-in-hand with the price.

True value will be when you achieve a satisfying balance between performance, lifespan, safety, and price. To do so, you will need to understand all the things that affect the longevity of motorcycle tires. 

You need to consider how they work in concert and contribute in varying degrees to the lifespan –

  1. How much you have driven – Like most riders, you should also use mileage as the measure to gauge tire life
  2. How fast you’re riding – Speed creates heat, which increases the treadwear rate 
  3. Seasonal maintenance – Correct cold tire inflation can greatly help in extending tire life 
  4. Your riding style – Are you a commuter, dual sport adventurer, long-distance freeway cruiser, or canyon-carving sport rider 
  5. Road surfaces – Frequent riding on rough road surfaces can end up wearing down the tires faster than smooth pavement
  6. Motorcycle type – Manufacturers usually design and construct tires to perfectly match the bike type. For instance, a sport bike comes with a softer tire with more grip for aggressive cornering, while a soft tire will not last as long as the touring bike tires made with harder compounds.
  7. The load that you’re carrying – A heavily-laden motorcycle and two-up riding would wear out a rear tire sooner compared to the front tire
  8. Road hazards – Incidents like punctures or cuts can occur on the road easily and this can shorten the lifespan of your tires 
  9. Motorcycle tire construction – Some tires are manufactured to be sticky and provide a better grip, while other tires sacrifice grip to give higher mileage
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How Long do Harley Tires Last

On average, Harley-Davidson front tires can last for around 15,000 to 20,000 tires. Meanwhile, the rear tires can last about 20,000 to 30,000 before needing a change. However, this is not guaranteed. The lifespan of the tires will depend on individual use. While Harley-Davidson tires do not expire, they have to be replaced five years after the date of manufacturing. In certain instances, the tires can last for 10 years and more.

Professional Rider Driving A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Miles Away

As a Harley-Davidson biker, you need to learn all about your Harley-Davidson tires, how long can they last, when they needed to be replaced, how many years can you use them, and more.

Harley-Davidson tires can typically last between 15,000 to 30,000 miles or 24,000 to 48,000 km on average. Sometimes, your tires can last for longer, depending on how you’re riding and how you take care of the tires.

On the other hand, some tires can last for significantly fewer miles and only work for around 1,500 miles. The mileage can be determined by the type and quality of the tires, the roads on which you drive, the weather conditions, your riding habits, the performance of your motorcycle, and the storage and maintenance of your bike.

Harley-Davidson tires are primarily manufactured by Dunlop, which is a brand popular for making the most duration and high traction tires for bikes. The mileage will vary significantly depending on where the biker mostly rides.

How Often should you Replace the Tires on your Harley-Davidson Bike

Most tire manufacturers recommended that you must replace the tires on your Harley-Davidson bike after every 5 years. While it is possible to use the tires beyond this period, you shouldn’t go beyond 10 years for safety purposes.

According to Harley-Davidson, tires that have been in use for over 5 years must be inspected consistently by a specialist or professional at least every 6 months. However, once the tires hit 10 years or go past the manufacturer’s date, they must be replaced immediately.

Once your Harley-Davidson tires get to this point, they will have to be replaced, even if they’re still within the legal wear-out limit or look serviceable. Some bikers might even be forced to replace the tires on their Harley-Davidson tires pretty early after they have failed the safety check.

How to Tell if your Harley-Davidson Tires Need to be Replaced

This is among the most common questions for bikers after how long do Harley tires last. So, how does one know that it is time to replace the tires on your Harley-Davidson bikes? Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider.

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1. Date and year of manufacture

As stated above, most motorcycle tire manufacturers recommend that you should replace the tires once every 5 years. To know whether your Harley-Davidson tires have hit this age or not, you will have to check the DOT serial code on your tire’s sidewall. Out of all the numbers and letters embedded in the tires, the last four numbers will represent the week that the year the tire was manufactured.

You must keep in mind that after 5 years, the rubber compounds will stop being reliable. Therefore, if you continue to use them, you will be at a higher risk of a puncture or accident.

2. Treat depth

Just like cars, Harley-Davidson bikes also have to be inspected regularly and confirm if the tread depth is within the legal limit.

You must use the penny test and check if the tread is below 2/32”, which will technically mean that the tire is worn out and have to be replaced.

3. Loss of tire pressure

If you’re noticing that the tires are losing air pressure frequently, there could be an issue with the tire beads or there might be some minor cuts.

For Harley-Davidson tires, the PSI in the front tire will be 36 while that for the rear tire will be 40. However, this could change during the hot climate and change to 36 for the rear tire and 32 PSI for the front one.

Therefore, in case you notice the tires losing pressure despite inflating them correctly, it will be time to replace them.

4. Crack and cuts

If your bike is mostly exposed to direct sunlight or stored outside, the Harley-Davidson tires could exhibit cracks along the sidewall on the tread.

Cuts can also appear if you are riding on rough terrains where there is debris. You must constantly check if there are any cracks and cuts before you take your bike outside. Otherwise, you could end up experiencing a tire blowout or puncture on the road. To avoid this situation, you need to replace the tires.

5. Other factors

When you’re riding, you need to feel whether your bike feels old or if there are signs of vibrating or pulsating too much. In case you observe any abnormalities, you should get a tire professional to check your tires for potential issues that might warrant a replacement.

How to Ensure that your Harley-Davidson Tires Last Long

If you have recently purchased new tires for your Harley-Davidson bike, there are steps that you have to take. These steps will ensure that the Harley-Davidson tires last much longer. Here are some of those steps to consider.

1. Check the pressure frequently

Before you go out for a ride, especially long trips, you must check the tire pressure to make sure that the tires are inflated properly within the correct PSI. This way, you will lose the chances of a puncture or even a tire blowout.

2. Inspect the tires

Aside from pressure, you must always constantly check the tires for cracks, cuts, and bubbles. Additionally, you need to check the tread wear for confirming that it is within the legal limit.

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3. Avoid too much sun exposure

If possible, you should avoid parking your Harley-Davidson bike in direct sunlight. Your tires will wear out much faster and get cracks if they are exposed to the sunlight for too long.

4. Check your riding habits

Your riding habits will contribute greatly to how long your tires last. Therefore, you must be careful if you want your tires to last long.

5. Check the tire mileage

It is important that you record your bike’s mileage when you get new tires mounted. This will give you a viable starting point to track the tire’s lifespan.

Most bikers expect to get the same mileage from every set of new tires, but tire life factors also change over time. Experienced riders should also consider factors like having more two-up touring or track-like days in gauging expectations and replacement plans.

6. Proper storage

How you’re storing the bike will also affect how long the tires last. Exposure to the sun will also age the tires, as will temperature extremes and fluctuations. Generally, storing your motorcycle in a garage can lengthen the lifespan of your tires. When you’re bringing your bike out from storage, you must check the tires’ age and perform a thorough inspection.


Can you replace both tires on your Harley-Davidson bike at the same time?

When you’re replacing the tires, it isn’t a must that you need to replace both tires. You can simply change the one that’s showing signs of problems. In case both the tires are past the 5-year mark, you must consider changing both of them at the same time.

In most cases, the rear tire will wear out faster compared to the front one, as the rear sends the engine power and carries most of the motorcycle’s weight.

If you’re switching from one brand to the other, you must change both of them. If you’re riding a bike with different types of tires, you’ll be more likely to experience handling problems.

Do Harley tires wear out faster?

Harley-Davidson tires will wear out at the normal timeframe, depending on how well you’re taking care of them. Similar to any other tires, Harley tires will be affected by how you’re riding, the terrain, and tire maintenance.

If you don’t take the tires to a mechanic for regular maintenance or keep track of the PSI, the tires might lose pressure and wear out quicker than anticipated.

How to tell if the motorcycle tires are no longer good?

Many motorcycle tires come with wear indicators cast into the rubber tread grooves. You must look for one of the tire grooves having a raised segment of rubber. These grooves are usually located off the center of the tire. The raised segment will indicate that the manufacturer’s lowest amount of tread recommended remaining safe.

How much will it cost to replace the tires?

The cost of changing tires in your Harley-Davidson bike will be somewhere between $50 to $80 per tire, depending on your region. Remember, this cost doesn’t include the new tire itself, you will have to separately purchase the tire.

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