Who Makes Harley-Davidson Oil: Know All About The Special Motorbike Oil


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Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil

Have you used the Harley-Davidson oil and got mesmerized by the performance? Do you also wonder what makes it so special, and who makes Harley-Davidson oil? If ‘yes’ was your answer to all the questions, then this is the perfect article for you.

Harley-Davidson oil is made by Sunoco Lubricants, a company based in the United States.

The Harley-Davidson oil is one of the most-sold products in the motorcycle market. Synthetic Harley-Davidson oil is the best oil option you can find in the market. It’ll provide a smooth engine mechanism as well as a safe driving experience with durability.

Who makes Harley-Davidson oil?

Many Harley-Davidson enthusiasts wonder who makes Harley-Davidson oil. The answer to that is Sunoco Lubricants, the brand popular for manufacturing the beloved Harley-Davidson oil. It is a company in the United States. Most types of Harley-Davidson oil are manufactured in Sunoco and some types of oil are made in Citgo. They’ve also kept a business with other oil companies too. Despite the oil name being ‘Harley-Davidson oil’, it isn’t actually manufactured by the Harley-Davidson brand. Instead, the Harley-Davidson oil is manufactured in the United States by Sunoco, which is based in Dallas, Texas.

Although the Harley-Davidson oil is packed and refined by Sunoco, the oil doesn’t always come only from the United States. The brand always gets the oil from the United States, Canada, and a few other countries. There are several refineries and manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Philadelphia, and Oklahoma. Most of the refinery work is done in the Sunoco refinery facilities in the United States. However, some of the portions are also manufactured outside the United States. 

Sunoco is an old and reputed oil company that has been manufacturing Harley-Davidson oil for a long time. Sunoco LP is a Delaware-based master partnership in the United States. The brand distributes motor oils wholesale in different states and markets. The headquarters of the company is based in Dallas, Texas. Philip Pisano, Edward O. Emerson, and Joseph N. Pew started the brand in 1886 and all three of them were renowned oil merchants. There are more than 7300 Sunoco-branded gas stations maintained by the brand. They’re responsible for supplying oil to all of them. The gas stations are owned and operated privately while Energy Transfer Partners control this partnership. Joseph King is the current CEO of Sunoco.

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What makes the Harley-Davidson oil so good?

The Harley-Davidson oil is undoubtedly one of the best and most highly rated oils in the market. Harley-Davidson has proven its quality and stability with a high level of performance. It is something that Harley-Davidson users generally love. Here are some of the reasons why the Harley-Davidson oil is so good for your bike – 

Friction reduction

The Harley-Davidson oil is definitely very good when it comes to reducing friction with efficiency. Synthetic oil is thinner as compared to non-synthetic oil, and it’ll help the engine work smoothly by decreasing the friction. This way, your Harley-Davidson engine will be in great working condition.

Better heat control

If the Harley-Davidson’s engine is spending unnecessary heat, the synthetic oil keeps it eloquent. Further, it’ll also keep the engine safe from overheating. Overall, the Harley-Davidson oil is exceptional as it gives better engine heat control.

Improved performance

The Harley-Davidson oil helps you get better performance than most other oil brands. The oil will give you efficiency while also increasing your Harley-Davidson’s performance. Further, you will also notice better drag resistance.

Heat resistance

Many users wonder how well the Harley-Davidson oil performs in extreme heat. The answer is that it’ll help in minimizing the viscosity of the Harley-Davidson’s engine at high temperatures. Further, it’ll also cool down significantly. The oil will also work well in cold weather where it’ll be hard to start the engine.

Protection for gears and chains

The oil will be great for anti-corrosion capability while it’ll also protect the gears and chains. It will help the metals stay in great shape while also reducing the probability of breakage due to friction.

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Long-lasting effects

Synthetic oil will work and be used for a long time. Further, you’ll also have lesser issues related to oil.

Different types of Harley-Davidson oil options available

The Harley-Davidson oil is largely just synthetic oil, and it is great for the engine. There are many types of motor oil available in the market including –

Mineral oil

It is a kind of crude oil meant to be used for Harley-Davidson bikes. It is also one of the most popular lubricants used in antique motorcycles.

Semi-synthetic oil

This type of oil is made up of a mixture of synthetic ingredients and high-quality crude oil. Semisynthetic oil is the second-most affordable option of the bunch, and it’ll deliver exceptional results for a minimal price.

Synthetic oil

Synthetic oil ranks as the highest quality oil option available. It will easily outperform mineral and semi-synthetic oils. Although it is the costliest option, most users find it to be quite adaptable and great to use.

Alternatives to Harley-Davidson oil

The Harley-Davidson oil is definitely an exceptional oil option as it’ll give stunning performance and amazing heat control. It is widely regarded as one of the best options and very few brands can compete with it. Here are some of those brands –

Motul synthetic oil

A great alternative to Harley-Davidson oil is the Motul synthetic oil, which is countersigned by American Petroleum Institution. This is a well-known motor lubricant used by many motorbike users. It is an ideal option for engine replacement, and it’ll come with features that ensure smooth gear changing.

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Motul Harley Davidson Oil

Amsoil synthetic oil

This is another great alternative to Harley-Davidson oil. It is one of the best options if you’re looking for power efficiency and anti-wear protection.

Redline full synthetic oil

The Redline Full Synthetic Oil is one of the most popular options of Synthetic oil. It is a company located in the United States, in the city of Benicia, and is often used by motorbike enthusiasts. It is designed specifically to be used in all types of current cars that use four-stroke engines.

Mobile 1 Synthetic oil

The Mobile 1 Synthetic Oil is completely synthetic oil, and it works really well for your bikes. It is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of motorbike engines. It is an incredibly reliable option and performs really well for most bikes.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know all about the Harley-Davidson oil, its features, and who makes Harley-Davidson oil. It is a proven product when it comes to motorbikes. Sunoco lubricants is the brand responsible for who makes Harley-Davidson oil. The brand has been in the business for several decades and has been going strong. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the brand has its plants all over the United States. Most types of Harley-Davidson oil are manufactured in Sunoco and some types of oil are made in Citgo. Meanwhile, there are several refineries and manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Philadelphia, and more.

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