How Many Guardian Bells Can You Have In Harley-Davidson Bikes?


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How Many Guardian Bells Can You Have

Have you ever noticed those little silver or brass bells hanging on Harley-Davidson motorcycles? Do you ever feel curious to know what they are and how many can you have? If yes, then you’ll get to know all about those bells here.

The guardian bells you can have in your Harley-Davidson motorcycle are just one. However, there is no rule for it, but it has become a norm for riders to use one guardian bell. 

In this article, you will get to know all about guardian bells in Harley-Davidson bikes, how many guardian bells can you have, the legend behind these bells, and a lot more. Continue reading to know more about guardian bells.

What is a guardian bell?

It is common to see Harley-Davidson bikes having neat little silver or brass bells hanging on them. These bells are called guardian bells or gremlin bells. Many riders believe that this is a must-have accessory for their Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A guardian bell is a supernatural bell that is placed on a Harley-Davidson bike to capture and destroy the gremlins that bikers could be plagued by when riding.

According to an old biker legend, little creatures named gremlins used to torment bikers. The gremlins would cause the bikers to crash and fall. Moreover, they would get the bike to break down in the middle of nowhere, leaving them with mechanical issues. Sometimes, they even made bikes fall despite being parked. According to the legend, the clinking sound of the bell attracts the gremlins and drives them crazy. It will make them fall on the spot and kill themselves. Another legend is that falling gremlins are what create potholes.

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What are the uses of the guardian bell?

The primary purpose of the guardian bell in a Harley-Davidson bike is two-fold. The guardian bell will attract gremlins and make them kill themselves, while also providing protection to you and your motorcycle. It is believed that these mischievous gremlins are always looking to cause hard-to-diagnose mechanical problems to bikes. They’re always looking for ways to disrupt your experience and cause issues, crashes, or mechanical failures for smoothly running bikes.

The guardian bell will prevent all these incidents from happening. The sound of the guardian bell will draw these little creatures inside the bell. Once they’re inside the bell, they will be driven mad by the clanging sound of the small bells. The gremlins will then leap out onto the road, killing themselves, and leaving behind potholes. By killing and getting rid of the gremlins, guardian bells will protect the rider and their bike. It will give the rider enough confidence and courage to safely continue their journey on the open road.

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Who is eligible to give a guardian bell?

Guardian bells should only be given to a biker by another biker. However, some bikers feel that it is totally acceptable for anyone who cares about them to gift a guardian bell. Whether the guardian bell is given by another biker or anyone else, it’ll have the same level of protection. However, if a biker gets a guardian bell from another biker, it creates a powerful bond between the two. This special bond signifies friendship, kindness, and brotherhood between the two bikers.

Giving a fellow biker a guardian bell will let them know that they have someone who cares about their safety. Some bikers also feel that the guardian bell will offer powerful protection, even if given by anyone who truly cares about their safety. As long as they have a guardian bell, their safety will be in good hands when facing gremlins on the road.

How many guardian bells can you have?

Many riders wonder how many guardian bells can you have , and will it be wrong to use multiple bells? There is no mention of using multiple guardian bells causing any bad luck. However, most Harley-Davidson riders tend to only use one guardian bell for their bike.

Many veteran bikers mention that members of biker clubs give guardian bells to each other. There are some bikers who mention that using more than one bell got them into an accident. However, there is no specific information or mention in the legend about multiple bells and bad luck. Some mention that getting bells from someone special who cares about them and their safety is more important. This implies that you could use more than one guardian bell on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Having a single bell on your bike goes back to the origin of the legend surrounding the guardian bell.

In the original story, a grizzly old rider would give one bell to the two bikers. Those riders had rescued him from the gremlins that had crashed his bike and were threatening him and his life. Ringing the bells that he had in his bag brought the two to help. He subsequently gave each of them a bell for their help. This led many motorcycle drivers to use one guardian bell for their bikes.

Are guardian bells only meant for Harley-Davidson riders?

Harley-Davidson riders have been using guardian bells on their motorcycle since the 40s. Today, the majority of Harley-Davidson riders have a small guardian bell attached to the lower portion of their frame. However, they aren’t the ones who use guardian bells.

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Guardian Bells aren’t exclusive to Harley-Davidson bike owners. Any motorcycle rider can use these guardian bells. Bikers using motorcycles of all brands are aware of the legend and power surrounding the guardian bells. Using a guardian bell isn’t just a Harley-Davidson thing. If you observe closely, riders driving all brands of motorcycles use these powerful supernatural bells. These can be observed on sports bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, and more.

Guardian Bells

Many early users of these bells were former World War II pilots, and they loved riding Harley-Davidson bikes. Many of them had used or heard about guardian bells during the war. Once they became bikers, many of them quickly embraced the tradition of hanging guardian bells. Having a small guardian bell at the bottom of the bike frame has become synonymous with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. As other brands have grown in popularity, the new generation has learned about this legend and started using guardian bells. Seeing guardian bells on more and more motorcycle models has become common these days.

The rules of using guardian bells

  • One of the key rules is that the guardian bell cannot be bought by the user. In order for it to work, it must be given to you by a biker or a loved one who cares about your safety. According to the legend, the guardian bell will be activated by a gesture of goodwill and not by simply purchasing. This is why it must be given to you as a gift by someone who cares about your safety.
  • The guardian bell must be attached to the lowest part of your Harley-Davidson bike’s frame. This is the case as gremlins are believed to lurk around the roadways and grab onto the bike as they pass by. The low-hanging guardian bell would be the first thing they contact, which means they’ll get captured by it immediately. It must be properly and securely attached. You could even use a safety wire. But it can create scratches and rust, which is why a zip-tie is the commonly preferred method.
  • If a Harley-Davidson bike with a guardian bell is sold, the bell must be removed. The guardian bell is a gesture of kindness to the rider from people who care about them. This is why it must be kept by the individual and be transferred to their next bike. If someone has sold the bike with the bell and they wish for the new owner to have it, then it must still be removed and given face to face. A guardian bell that isn’t given with good intentions will lose its supernatural powers and fighting mojo.
  • If someone has stolen the guardian bell, the gremlins will go along with it. The ball will no longer be able to protect your bike and ward off the gremlins. The bell’s power is in goodwill. If it is stolen, it’ll lose its effect and karma will take care of everything else.
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Where to hang the guardian bell?

Traditionally, the guardian bell is hung at the lowest part of your bike’s frame without hitting any obstacles. However, many bikers don’t seem to pay attention to that rule anymore. They prefer to hang it anywhere from the license plate to the front lower fork. Ultimately, it’ll depend on personal preferences and how traditional and superstitious you are.

Harley Davidson Guardian Bells

There are many specific rules that exist, and different bikers know and follow different roles. It is all about beliefs and folk tales. They tend to change over time and incorporate beliefs of different people and incorporate them into tradition. For instance, some believe that not only should you hang the bell as low as possible, but you shouldn’t touch the bell until it is on the bike. Some people believe that they cannot receive the guardian bell as a gift before riding at least 100 miles.

Some believe that there are rules to retiring the guardian bell and paying it respect. You will have to get a mason jar and then store the guardian bell in it. Then, you must cover it with a quarter of a gallon of motorcycle oil, close it, and then put it on a shelf. It’s believed that the oil will keep the gremlins away, while the guardian bell will get a peaceful resting place.

As the biker club culture and community have gained popularity, many accessory manufacturers have started making and selling guardian bells. It is widely believed that the guardian bells should only be given as gifts and never purchased. However, manufacturers have found a way around this story. Manufacturers say that it’s okay to buy a bell for yourself, as it’ll have enough powers to keep you safe. They add that if the guardian bell is given as a gift, the protective powers will be doubled.

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Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about guardian bells, the rules, where to use them, and how many guardian bells can you have. While there’s no specific rule about the number of bells you can have, most riders prefer using one guardian bell. Remember, the bell must be given to you by another rider or someone who cares about your safety. You cannot simply purchase it as the supernatural powers will not be activated.

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