Harley-Davidson Street 500 vs 750: What’s the Difference?


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Harley-Davidson Street 500 Vs 750

If you’re looking for a reliable, stylish motorcycle with plenty of features, you might want to check out the Harley-Davidson Street 500 vs 750. But what’s the difference between the two? In this article, we’ll explore the specifications, features, and overall performance of the Street 500 and 750, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying a motorcycle. So, if you’re interested in finding out which one is right for you, keep reading!

Harley-Davidson Street 500

Harley-Davidson Street 500

Many new riders often gravitate to cruiser-style motorcycles. This makes total sense as you’ll get a low relaxed riding position, the addictive sound and pulse, and the overall vibe of a cruiser. The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is something that most bikers turn to when they are starting.

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is a popular entry-level bike that combines a stylish design, impressive performance, a powerful engine, a comfortable riding position, and a whole lot more at an affordable price. Here is what the Harley-Davidson Street 500 is all about –


The Harley-Davidson Street 500 features a sleek and modern design, which is not only stylish, but functional as well. The motorcycle’s blacked-out styling, low seat height, and narrow frame, which make it a wonderful choice for riders of all sizes. Moreover, its sporty look and aggressive stance are also bound to turn heads.

The fit and finish of Street 500 as a whole stand out as a cost-saving measure. There’s nothing particularly bad about the welds, chassis, paint, or feel of the Street 500 components when you compare them to the standard set by the competitors. This isn’t the standard set by the higher-model Harley-Davidson bikes. If you consider that this motorcycle has been priced to reflect its entry-level status, it’ll be apparent why the higher models command such a high fee.

Engine and Performance

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 comes powered by a 494cc (30 cu. in) liquid-cooled, Revolution X, V-Twin engine. It is capable of delivering 29.5 lb-ft of torque and 40.5 horsepower. Specifically designed for the Street 500, the major change is in the 60° V arrangement in cylinders. Which is different compared to the traditional 45°. Moreover, it is a liquid-cooled engine instead of traditional air-cooled engines.

Harley-Davidson purists are unlikely to be happy at any attempts of the company to step away much from history, and they both seem like radical departures. However, they will provide smoothness, reliability, and amazing torque delivery, traits that will help the bikers build comfort.

The powerful engine, when combined with the motorcycle’s lightweight and nimble handling, will make it a joy to ride on both open highways and city streets. The Street 500 also features a six-speed transmission, which will allow for smooth and easy shifting.

Riding Position and Comfort

In this bike, the riding position is toward the standard upright configuration instead of the stretched legs, forward control, and positioning that cruisers generally have. Taller bikers might find the Street 500 to be a bit cramped. This geometry offers a natural and familiar position that most new bikers enjoy. The controls are quite simple and well laid out. The Harley-Davidson faithful will notice straightaway that the turn signals have been confined to the left thumb and aren’t traditional on one switch on each side. This might be a small detail, but it is still another great way of keeping the costs down.

The bike features a well-tuned suspension, tremendous handling, as well as a basic instrument cluster. Since it is a Street 500, the power is good enough for driving around the city and holding freeway speeds. Additionally, it will also have you daydreaming of speeding on the highway.

Price and Availability

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is among the most affordable Harley-Davidson models on the market, as it comes with a starting price of around $6,900. This makes it a wonderful choice for bikers who are on the hunt for a stylish yet reliable bike without having to break the bank.

The Street 500 is widely available at Harley-Davidson dealerships not just across the United States, but all around the world. This makes it quite easy to find and purchase the bike. Moreover, you will also be able to access parts and get the servicing done easily when needed.

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Harley-Davidson Street 750

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is an incredibly popular mid-range bike that combines classic Harley-Davidson styling with more modern features and performance. There are numerous great things about the Street 750, including its design, engine, comfort levels, design, performance, and a lot more. Here is what the Harley-Davidson Street 750 is all about –

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The Harley-Davidson Street 750 features the classic Harley-Davidson design with a few modern touches. The motorcycle’s blacked-out styling, teardrop tank, and round headlight pay homage to the company’s iconic heritage, while its narrow frame, low seat height, and lightweight design will make it a wonderful choice for bikers of all sizes.

Engine and Performance

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 comes powered by a 750cc Revolution X engine, which is capable of delivering 43.5 lb-ft of torque and 60 horsepower. This bike has switched to the liquid-cooled 60° V-Twin engine. This allows the Street 750 to offer a low stance alongside a low center of gravity. These attributes enhance handling and low-speed stability. This bike has stripped weight wherever possible as it comes at around 514 lbs., which is definitely light for a Harley-Davidson bike but lower than most competitors.

The powerful engine, combined with the motorcycle’s agile handling and motorcycle’s lightweight design, makes it a wonderful choice for bikers who want a bike capable of handling a wide variety of riding conditions. The bike also features a six-speed transmission, which allows for smooth, precise shifting. Tuned for a hefty 64 HP, the bike has no issues whatsoever with acceleration. The company has also added a balance shaft for ensuring that the engine feels nice and smooth while also retaining a nice vibration at idle.

Riding position and comfort

Tall rides will likely have issues with the ergonomics and seat position of the bike. This motorcycle is focused on people who are under 5’10”. Here, the foot controls have been positioned in a way to make you feel like a middle mount, as opposed to the usual forward-mounted setup of the cruisers. Coupled with an upright seating position, it is easy to see why traditionalist Harley enthusiasts think of this Series to be the black sheep of the Harley lineup. This positioning does a great job giving the much-needed confidence to the beginners, especially during low-speed maneuvers and cornering.

Braking is the biggest complaint with the Street 750. With the strong engine performance, it would have been a welcome addition to see better brakes. Most rider complaints generally consider the spongy feel and the lack of power that comes from the front disc. With a single disc and a 2-piston caliper, stopping the Street 750 will take a bit more distance than it should. Moreover, switching the brake lines to steel braided will likely improve the braking feel significantly.

Price and Availability

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 has been priced at $7,600, which makes it a great choice for bikers who are looking for a mid-range motorcycle capable of offering great value for an affordable price. While it is slightly more expensive compared to the Harley-Davidson Street 500, it has a more powerful engine and more advanced features.

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is easily available at Harley-Davidson dealerships all across the United States and all over the world. This makes it quite easy for bikers to find and purchase this bike. Further, you can also access parts and get the servicing done when needed in your city.

Harley-Davidson Street 500 vs. 750 Comparison

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 are premium Harley-Davidson bikes that come powered by the powerful Revolution V-Twin engine. Although they’re for the budget-minded, entry-level folks, doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch. Just because the price is low doesn’t necessarily mean that the brand has skimped on quality. Both of them come with a steel teardrop tank and fenders that are covered in a deep, rich color.

Moreover, they’re also having a premium finish that has made this brand the benchmark for premium paint jobs on a bike. The Chrome Tank Badge is the cherry on top. Here are some of the differences between the Harley-Davidson Street 500 and the Harley-Davidson Street 750.

Harley-Davidson Street vs. 750: Design

Let’s begin with the look of the Street duo by identifying their roots. If you remember the times back in the 90s, Harley-Davidson offered the 49-95 Sportster. This was a no-frills, entry-level motorcycle that was priced affordably at $4,995, which gave it the clever in-house nickname.

It allowed many bikers to stick their toe in the water, which was the motorcycle scene. The Street 500 and Street 750, even though it isn’t carried over to 2023 in the market, are today’s equivalent of that concept. Although the cost is slightly more than $4,995, in today’s market, anything under $8k is still considered rather affordable. The Street bikes come with a no-frills, no-nonsense approach as the entry-level bar-hopping bikes.

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The front fairing and the way the rear fender and the seat meld together manage to emulate the look of the fenders and fairings of the original café racer that evolved from the outlaw street custom culture back in the 70s. What some may call a bullet fairing, Harley-Davidson is calling a café-inspired speed screen. The sleek yet minimal fairing will provide fair entry into the wind while giving reduced drag.

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 and Street 750 are the stripped-down models in Harley’s custom line. The blacked-out front end includes black fork gators, lowers, and pullback handlebars. In the middle and rear, the blacked-out engine, exhaust, and air cleaner also feature the Dark Custom theme. The company claims it to be the first all-black exhaust on a Harley-Davidson bike since the 70s, the era where the blacked-out pipes appeared on the original Café Racer for the first time.

The instrumentation used on these two bikes is rather basic. Harley-Davidson has included a 3.5-inch electronic speedometer on the handlebars. It will give you the odometer, LED indicators, as well as a trip meter. They also come with a coolant temp warning light.

The Street 500 and Street 750 come with a low center of gravity, and they don’t need much upper body strength for lifting them off the jiffy stand. Add to it a seat height of 28 inches, and you’ll have a motorcycle suitable for people who might be on the taller side and for people who don’t want to wrestle with a big, heavy bike. The seat and frame are slim as well, so it’ll be easy to find the ground while still having a little bend at your knee.

Slightly forward mid-mount controls will give you a relaxed posture while keeping your feet ready to be deployed when stopped, something that you’ll be doing a lot when riding around the city. Both Street 500 and Street 750 are passenger-friendly, and they come with a two-up seat and passenger footpegs. It might not be the best seat that you’d want to sit on when cruising up the highway, but it’s fine for the intended purpose.

Harley-Davidson Street 500 vs. 750: Chassis

The Harley-Davidson 500 and 750 are slightly different from the typical, run-of-the-mill offerings sold by Harley-Davidson. Small, quick, and extremely agile, these bikes represent an attempt by the factory to resurrect the original Café Racer line that started back in 1977. Now, it comes with the frame, suspension, and steering geometry that perfectly suits a motorcycle that has “racer” in its name. The original Café Racer was built on the XLCH chassis and was regarded as a dog on the straightaways and wooden in the corners.

This is where the Street 500 and Street 750 enter the picture. The 5.7-inch ground clearance, a wheelbase that is 60.4 inches, and with a 32-degree steering head angle will leave merely 4.5 inches of trail for the front wheel. This allows for quick reversals and crisp handling in S-turns. A big part of the light, nimble handling in the front end will come from the skinny 17-inch tire. The front and the 15 inches in the rear will both come mounted on black cast aluminum wheels.

At 28 inches high, the seat will be plenty low for short riders. Meanwhile, the overall center of gravity will keep the rider’s horsepower requirements rather low. The downside here will be that tall riders might feel slightly crowded in the leg area, while finding themselves perched on the bike instead of in it.

The two bikes come with 37 mm Showa forks made exclusively for this line. Traditionally, coil-over rear shocks will support the rear and come with the typical spanner-adjustable preload feature. For riding in the city, the 5.5-inch front suspension travel and 3.5 inches for the rear will be far more than good enough.

At about 500 pounds, the Street 500 and Street 750 do not need much in the way of brakes, and Harley-Davidson went with the bare minimum. The bike’s single 300 mm front and rear discs with floating, 34mm dual-piston calipers will offer great control to the motorcycle. It can be a problem on a motorcycle marketed to the entry-level sector, and riders must be sure to give themselves ample stopping room until they get used to this particular attribute.

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There are three features of the Street 500 and Street 750 that might usually get buried in the promotional material. The first one is the sure-fire Neutral switch. When you bike the bike into neutral, you’ll want to be in neutral and not find out a surprise lurch when you hit the starter. The Street 500 and Street 750 come with an improved Neutral switch, saving you all that fiasco.

The second noteworthy feature will be the ergonomic brake and clutch lever that is designed for saving your hands. You should remember that they’re around-town motorcycles, a bar hopper or café racer, so at every red light and stop sign, you’ll be squeezing the levers. Your hands do not get a break as they’d when you are steady cruising up the highway. The ergonomic levers in the bike will save your palms.

The third feature is the easy lock-to-lock sweep of the handlebars. The Street 500 and Street 750 are relatively light. The balanced weight will mean quick, response turning so you do not need to wrestle with the handlebars, especially when you are traveling in low-speed traffic or cruising around the parking lot looking for space.

Harley-Davidson Street 500 vs. 750: Performance

Similar to the chassis, the mill in the Street 500 and Street 750 are a departure from the norm. The liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-Twin engine of the Street 500 is capable of displacing 30 cubic-inches (491.6 cc). This makes it the smallest production from Harley-Davidson. It is capable of cranking out 29.5 pound-feet at 3,750 RPM, which is slightly low for a Harley-Davidson bike but sufficient for an entry-level or commuter bike. The engine will aspirate through a 35 mm fuel-injected, Mikuni single-part, throttle body that contributes to emissions control. It provides an average of 64 MPG in combined city and highway driving. 

The Harley-Davidson 750 also comes with the Revolution X V-twin engine, which features a comparatively larger bore. This makes it 46 cubic inches with a 38 mm throttle body and cranks out 43.5 lb-ft at 4,000 RPM. The six-speed transmission will carry the power to the rubber. Moreover, it’ll also come geared for strong hole shots while still maintaining a comfortable RPM at speed. The fiber-reinforced drive belt will complete the drivetrain and offer quiet, low-maintenance service.

Harley-Davidson Street 500 vs. 750: Price and Availability

Both the Harley-Davidson Street 500 and Harley-Davidson Street 750 are targeted toward the entry-level, budget-friendly segment. The Street 500 ranks as one of the most affordable Harley-Davidson models on the market, as it’ll come at a starting price of around $6,900. This makes the Street 500 an exceptional choice for beginners who are looking for a great low-gravity cruiser that they can start with even if they are on a budget. The Harley-Davidson Street 750, on the other hand, comes priced at around $7,600. Such an affordable price tag makes it a wonderful choice for beginners who are looking for a mid-range beast capable of delivering great features and an exceptional riding experience.


What is the difference between Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750?

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 are two models of motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson Street lineup. The Street 500 has a smaller engine displacement of 494cc, while the Street 750 has a larger engine displacement of 749cc. The Street 750 also has a higher power output of 54 horsepower and a higher torque output of 59 pound-feet, compared to the Street 500’s 28 horsepower and 36 pound-feet of torque.

What are the features of the Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750?

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 both come with a low-profile seat, mid-mount foot controls, and a lockable tank-mounted ignition. The Street 500 also has a split 5-spoke cast aluminum wheel, while the Street 750 has a 7-spoke cast aluminum wheel. The Street 750 also has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) for increased safety and confidence on the road.

What are the advantages of the Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750?

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is a great choice for riders who are just getting started. It is lightweight and maneuverable, making it easy to.

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