Are Iridium Spark Plugs Worth The Investment For My Harley-Davidson?


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Are Iridium Spark Plugs Worth The Investment For My Harley Davidson

Are you a proud Harley-Davidson owner looking for ways to optimize your motorcycle’s performance? If so, you may have heard about iridium spark plugs and wondered if they are worth the investment. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will delve into the world of iridium spark plugs and explore whether they truly make a difference in enhancing the performance of your beloved Harley. Buckle up and get ready to uncover the secrets behind these small but powerful motorcycle components. You won’t want to miss out on what we have in store for you!

What are Iridium spark plugs?

Harley-Davidson bikes are renowned for their power, comfort, and unmistakable roar that sets them apart on the road. Behind the scenes of this legendary American brand lies an important component responsible for igniting the passion and fury of these machines – the spark plug. Many Harley-Davidson riders turn to iridium spark plugs for enhancing the performance and reliability of their bikes.

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Iridium spark plugs are a type of spark plugs known for their exceptional durability, longevity, and performance. These spark plugs feature a center electrode made using iridium, a rare and precious metal with remarkable properties that make it ideal for igniting the air-fuel mixture in an engine’s combustion chamber.

Characteristics of iridium in spark plugs

Iridium is one of the densest and hardest naturally occurring elements on Earth. This remarkable hardness will allow iridium spark plugs to withstand high temperatures and pressures within the combustion chamber without wearing out quickly. Unlike traditional copper or platinum spark plugs, iridium plugs maintain their electrode shape over an extended period, ensuring consistent and reliable ignition.

Iridium boasts an incredibly high melting point, exceeding 4,400 degrees Fahrenheit (2,450 degrees Celsius). This property makes it quite resistant to melting or deforming under the intense heat generated during combustion. As a result, iridium spark plugs maintain their structural integrity even in the most demanding conditions.

Iridium spark plugs are known for their exceptional durability. They typically last longer than other types of spark plugs, often reaching up to 40,000 miles before requirement replacement. This extended lifespan reduces maintenance costs and ensures consistent engine performance throughout the life of the spark plug.

While iridium is not as conductive as copper, it still offers excellent electrical conductivity. This balance between conductivity and durability ensures that the spark plug consistently produces a strong and reliable spark, igniting the air-fuel mixture efficiently.

The fine tip of the iridium electrode allows for a much more precise and focused spark, which promotes efficient combustion. This results in improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced engine performance. Harley enthusiasts can appreciate the benefits of smoother idling, increased power output, and better throttle response.

Iridium spark plugs for Harley-Davidson bikes

Harley-Davidson, known for its commitment to quality and performance, has adopted iridium spark plugs in many of its models. The choice of iridium spark plugs aligns with Harley’s dedication to delivering top-notch performance and reliability to its riders. When the spark plugs are installed in the Harley-Davidson engine, they contribute to numerous departments such as consistent performance, improved fuel efficiency, and extended maintenance intervals.

Iridium spark plugs maintain their spark gap and performance over an extended period. This consistency ensures that Harley-Davidson riders can rely on their motorcycles to deliver peak performance every time they hit the road.

The precise ignition delivered by iridium spark plugs enhances fuel combustion efficiency, contributing to better fuel economy in Harley-Davidson bikes. With iridium spark plugs, Harley-Davidson owners will be able to enjoy longer maintenance intervals, reducing the frequency of spark plug replacements and associated maintenance costs.

Are Iridium Spark Plugs Worth The Investment For My Harley Davidson

Benefits of Iridium Spark Plugs in Harley-Davidson bikes

When it comes to legendary motorcycles, Harley-Davidson is one of those names that stand out as a symbol of power and performance. Beneath the iconic exterior of these machines lies a crucial component that often goes unnoticed but plays a key role in igniting the fiery spirit of Harley-Davidson motorcycles – the spark plug. Iridium spark plugs are one of the most popular types of spark plugs. They are capable of elevating the performance of your bikes, and this is just the start. Here are some of the benefits that Iridium spark plugs bring to your Harley-Davidson bikes.

#1. Improved ignition performance

At the heart of every internal combustion engine lies the ignition system, where the spark plug plays a pivotal role. Iridium spark plugs feature a fine and robust center electrode made using the precious metal iridium. This fine electrode allows for a more precise and focused spark, leading to improved ignition performance in Harley-Davidson bikes.

Iridium spark plugs ensure a consistent spark, resulting in smoother idling. This means that there will be no more frustrating sputtering or stumbling at low RPMs.

Improved ignition performance will translate to quicker and more responsive throttle action. Riders will be able to feel the difference when they twist the throttle, with power at their fingertips.

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A more efficient process will mean more power is generated from the same amount of fuel. Harley-Davidson riders will be able to enjoy a noticeable boost in horsepower and torque, allowing for an exhilarating riding experience.

#2. Enhanced power output

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their power but they can also be notorious for their thirst for fuel. Iridium spark plugs help address this concern to a great level. The precise and consistent spark provided by iridium spark plugs will ensure that fuel is burned more efficiently. This optimized combustion results in better fuel economy, so you will be able to enjoy more miles on each tank.

Improved combustion will not only save fuel but also reduce harmful emissions. Iridium spark plugs help Harley-Davidson bikes meet stringent emission standards while still delivering the performance riders crave.

#3. Longevity and durability

One of the standout benefits of iridium spark plugs is their impressive lifespan. Unlike conventional spark plugs, iridium spark plugs are known for lasting significantly longer, often reaching 30,000 to 40,000 miles before requiring replacement. This longevity offers multiple advantages to Harley-Davidson owners.

With iridium spark plugs, you will be spending less on maintenance, as you will not have to replace them as frequently as traditional spark plugs. When embarking on cross-country trips or extended rides, the durability of iridium spark plugs will ensure that your bike’s engine remains reliable, even under challenging conditions.

Harley-Davidson bikes come equipped with iridium spark plugs to maintain their performance characteristics over an extended period. Riders will be able to enjoy the same level of power and efficiency throughout the life of the spark plug.

#4. Potential power gains

For many Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, it will be all about the power and performance. Iridium spark plugs offer the potential for substantial power gains, especially when combined with other power-enhancing modifications. The improved ignition performance and more efficient combustion lead to improved horsepower and enhanced torque.

Harley-Davidson riders will be able to experience a noticeable boost in horsepower, making their motorcycles even more exhilarating to ride. Improved combustion efficiency will also mean more torque being available across the RPM range, giving riders better control and added confidence on the road.

Are iridium spark plugs worth the investment for my Harley-Davidson in terms of compatibility?

As a Harley-Davidson rider, you will always be looking to improve and elevate the performance of your bike. Many riders turn to upgrade the spark plug of their bike to elevate the performance and reliability of these mighty bikes. However, the installation of iridium spark plugs also requires specific attention and knowledge. One of the first questions that many riders have is – are iridium spark plugs worth the investment for my Harley-Davidson bike in terms of compatibility. There are certain requirements that must be met for successfully installing iridium spark plugs in your bike.

#1. Engine type and replacement

Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of motorcycle models, each equipped with different types of engine. Before purchasing iridium spark plugs, identify the engine type of your bike. V-twin engines, such as the Twin Cam, Evolution, and Milwaukee-Eight are common in Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Make sure that the iridium spark plugs you are selecting are compatible with your specific engine configuration.

When replacing spark plugs, you must consider the manufacturer’s recommended interval, typically found in your bike’s owner’s manual. Regular replacement will help maintain optimal engine performance.

Are Iridium Spark Plugs Worth The Investment For My Harley Davidson

#2. Ignition system and requirements

Harley-Davidson motorcycles feature various ignition systems, including electronic, point, and coil ignition systems. The type of ignition system that your bike uses can impact the choice of spark plugs.

Modern Harley-Davidson models often employ electronic ignition systems that work seamlessly with iridium spark plugs. However, if you own an older model with a point or coil ignition system, consult the service manual or a Harley-Davidson technician to determine compatibility.

Make sure that the spark plugs you’re purchasing have the correct heat range and electrode configuration for the ignition system. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or your service manual for guidance.

#3. Compatibility

Before installing iridium spark plugs in your bike, make sure that they are compatible with your specific bike model and engine. Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of models, each with distinct engine configurations, so verify that the spark plugs are designed to fit your motorcycle.

#4. Correct spark plug gap and torque

Irrespective of the type of spark plug you are choosing, it is important to set the correct spark plug gap. Harley-Davidson generally offers specifications for the recommended gap in the owner’s manual or service manual. Use a gapping tool for adjusting the gap of the iridium spark plugs according to the specifications. Incorrect gap settings will result in poor ignition performance.

Over-tightening or under-tightening the spark plugs can result in damage to the threads or lead to poor sealing. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s torque specifications when installing iridium spark plugs. A torque wrench will be a valuable tool for ensuring precise installation.

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#5. Clean and dry threads

Before installing iridium spark plugs, it is important to ensure that the threads in the cylinder head are clean and dry. Remove any debris, old thread sealant, or corrosion from the threads to establish a proper seal. Clean threads are important for preventing leaks and ensuring that the spark plugs stay securely in place.

Are iridium spark plugs worth the investment for my Harley-Davidson in terms of cost-effectiveness?

When it comes to Harley-Davidson bikes, riders are always looking to find the balance of power, performance, and cost-effectiveness. This applies to the spark plug as well. Harley-Davidson riders often turn to iridium spark plugs to enhance performance but does the cost justify the benefits? One of the questions they have is are iridium spark plugs worth the investment for my Harley-Davidson bike in terms of cost effectiveness. Here is a price comparison to help you determine the overall cost-effectiveness of iridium spark plugs for Harley-Davidson bikers.

Price comparison

Iridium spark plugs come at a higher upfront cost compared to copper spark plugs. Copper spark plugs are much more affordable but are renowned for their shorter lifespan and less precise spark delivery. While iridium spark plugs might have a higher initial investment, their longevity and performance benefits can offset the cost over time.

Iridium spark plugs are much more expensive than platinum spark plugs. Platinum spark plugs are a mid-range option known for their durability and reliable performance. However, the higher cost of iridium spark plugs can be justified by their exceptional longevity and superior ignition capabilities, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.


Iridium spark plugs have a significantly longer lifespan compared to copper spark plugs. Copper spark plugs typically require replacement every 10,000 to 20,000 miles whereas iridium spark plugs can last up to 30,000 to 40,000 miles or more. The extended lifespan of iridium spark plugs reduces the frequency of replacements, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Iridium spark plugs also outperform platinum spark plugs in terms of longevity. Platinum plug offers a respectable lifespan of around 30,000 miles, iridium spark plugs are still able to surpass this mark. Harley-Davidson owners tend to rely on iridium spark plugs to maintain consistent performance without the hassle of frequent replacements.


Copper spark plugs tend to require more frequent maintenance due to their shorter lifespan. Frequent replacement will mean more time spent on maintenance and potential disruptions to your riding experience. Iridium spark plugs, with their extended lifespan, will reduce the need for frequent maintenance, offering Harley-Davidson riders a hassle-free ownership experience.

Platinum spark plugs are known for their durability but they also require replacement more often than iridium spark plugs. Opting for iridium spark plugs will mean less downtime for maintenance and more time on the road enjoying your bike.

Are iridium spark plugs worth the investment for my Harley-Davidson in terms of performance?

The choice of spark plugs plays a role in the overall performance of your bike. Harley-Davidson has been using iridium spark plugs to cater to different riding styles and conditions. Even bikes that do not use this spark plug are compatible with them. This is why many riders are open to upgrading the spark plug. However, riders who are pondering over this upgrade often have the same question – are iridium spark plugs worth the investment for my Harley-Davidson bike in terms of performance? To answer that question, you will need to think about different factors, including the type of riding you carry out.

#1. Daily commuting or performance riding

For riders who primarily use their Harley-Davidson bikes for daily commuting, iridium spark plugs offer a number of advantages. They ensure smooth and reliable ignition during stop-and-go traffic, reducing idling issues and improving fuel efficiency. The fine-tipped electrode of iridium plugs helps in maintaining consistent performance at low RPMs, which is quite common during city riding.

If you crave the adrenaline rush of performance riding on your Harley-Davidson bike, iridium spark plugs are equally suited. They offer exceptional throttle response and precise ignition at high RPMs, which is important for achieving top-end power and control. Whether you are hitting the track or pushing your motorcycle to the limit on winding roads, iridium spark plugs ensure that your engine delivers its full potential.

#2. Impact of riding conditions

Iridium spark plugs are resistant to extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Whether you are riding through sweltering heat or facing cold winter mornings, iridium plugs maintain their performance, ensuring your Harley-Davidson bike starts reliably and delivers consistent power.

If you are going to take your bike off the beaten path, iridium spark plugs offer the durability needed to handle the rigors of off-road riding. Their resistance to fouling and ability to maintain performance in dusty or muddy conditions make them an ideal option for adventurous riders.

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#3. Idling and throttle response

Iridium spark plugs truly excel in providing a stable and consistent idle, which is important for smooth and hassle-free stops in traffic or at traffic lights. Riders will not need to worry about the engine stumbling or misfiring during idling, enhancing overall ride comfort.

When you twist the throttle on your bike, you will want an immediate and precise response. Iridium spark plugs, with their reliable spark delivery and fine electrode, ensure instantaneous throttle response, allowing riders to control their bikes with confidence, whether they are navigating tight corners or overtaking on the highway.

How often should you change the spark plugs on your Harley-Davidson bike?

Spark plugs are among the things that you rarely think of when riding your bike. They do not appear in your standard checklist, such as tires and turn signals among others. However, you shouldn’t ignore spark plugs completely as they need replacement at some point for the bike to continue giving you the service that you require appropriately.

Proper installation and maintenance of spark plugs will be key for enjoying the top performance of the motorcycle. The big question is, how often should you change the spark plugs on your Harley-Davidson bike? In Harley-Davidson bikes, spark plugs must be replaced depending on the type of spark plug you’re using. Copper spark plugs should be replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles while iridium spark plugs can last 30,000 to 40,000 miles before needing replacement. However, if your bike is running rough, sputtering, or losing power, you should think of inspecting and replacing the spark plug before time.

If you’re purchasing a second-hand bike, you should ask the seller the last time they changed the spark plug. If the previous owners don’t remember or aren’t sure, you should consider replacing them immediately to ensure your safety.

Moreover, it is worth noting that when replacing the spark plug, you will have to check its compatibility. Ensure that the spark plug is compatible with the model and the make of your bike as well as the type of engine. You must consider its compatibility with the fuel. Another consideration will be the functionality of the spark plug and its improvement in engine performance with respect to fuel economy, ignition time, and power efficiency.

Are Iridium Spark Plugs Worth The Investment For My Harley Davidson

Which is the better spark plug material – iridium or platinum?

There are different things you must consider when determining which is the better spark plug – iridium or platinum. Some of these factors will be efficiency, durability, and reliability.

For instance, platinum might be harder than copper but iridium is the hardest among them all. Therefore, an iridium spark plug will be able to outdo platinum spark plugs. In terms of performance, iridium is always better than platinum. However, iridium tends to have a longer lifespan and is more durable compared to platinum.

The only possible downside will be that it is quite expensive and difficult to find in the market. However, once you find it, you should be sure you’ll be working with it for a while without the demand for any replacement. Therefore, iridium is better than platinum.


Are iridium spark plugs worth the investment for my Harley-Davidson?

Iridium spark plugs can be a worthwhile investment for your Harley-Davidson. These plugs are known for their longevity and durability compared to other types of spark plugs. They have a fine wire center electrode made of iridium, which allows for better ignitability and improved performance. Although iridium spark plugs may be slightly more expensive upfront, their extended lifespan can save you money in the long run.

What benefits can I expect from using iridium spark plugs in my Harley-Davidson?

By using iridium spark plugs in your Harley-Davidson, you can experience several benefits. Firstly, the fine wire center electrode of iridium plugs provides a more efficient spark, resulting in improved combustion and enhanced engine performance. Secondly, iridium plugs have excellent resistance to wear, ensuring that they last longer than traditional plugs. Lastly, iridium spark plugs can contribute to better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, benefiting both your wallet and the environment.

How do iridium spark plugs compare to other types of spark plugs for Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

When compared to other spark plug options for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, iridium spark plugs offer several advantages. They generally have a longer lifespan than copper or platinum plugs, which means less maintenance and fewer replacements. Additionally, iridium plugs provide better performance and fuel efficiency compared to standard plugs. While the initial cost may be higher, the overall value and improved performance of iridium spark plugs make them a preferred choice for many Harley-Davidson owners.

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