Why Do Bikers Wear Bandanas: The Role Of Bandanas In A Biker’s Outfit


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Why Do Bikers Wear Bandanas

Are you a Harley-Davidson biker, curious why other bikers wear bandanas whenever they’re out on the road? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Bikers wear bandanas for a wide variety of reasons. The reasons can vary from displaying your biker gang’s logo, favorite colors, and brand names to using it to protect your head from the sunlight. Meanwhile, motorcycle bandanas also offer protection from bugs, road debris, hail, and more.

In this article, you’ll get to know all about motorcycle bandanas, why do bikers wear bandanas, different ways you can style your bandanas, and more. Stick around to get all the answers that you’re looking for.

What is a biker’s bandana?

A biker’s bandana or also referred to as doo-rags is a cloth head-ware that you can wear to protect your head from the sun. The bandana will provide a cushion under your motorcycle helmet and keep your hair in place when riding the bike. Biker bandanas also offer a fair bit of protection from bugs, road debris, hail, and more with a half shell.

While providing safety for the rider, bandanas also allow you to display your favorite colors, brands, and logos. The key to wearing biker bandanas safely is to tie them on properly so that they aren’t blown into the wind, obscuring another biker’s view.

Wear biker bandanas the doo-rag way

Fold your handkerchief in half diagonally for creating a triangle. Press the folded edge using your hand to crease it neatly. Then, place the middle of the folded edge on your forehead using the point of the triangle above the fold. The point of the triangle will naturally flop over to rest on the top of your head. You should tie the two side corners of the triangle right behind your head.

Now, bring the point of the triangle over your head. Then tuck it in under the knotted corners in the back of your head if your bandana is large enough. This method to wear a biker bandana will keep your hair out of your face while also preventing helmet hair.

Wear biker bandanas the headband way

Fold your bandana in half such that it forms a triangle. You should take the folded triangle and then fold it up toward the opposite point around 2 inches. You don’t always have to be exact. Furthermore, you should then repeat the fold until the entire triangle is folded up for creating a band.

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Place the middle of your band on top of your head, right behind the hairline. Now, bring the ends of the band from under the hair to the back of your head.  Tie the two ends of the band together in a double knot. You should be careful that you don’t get your hair tangled into a knot. You might want to flip your head upside down when you’re tying the knot to move your hair out of the way.

Why do bikers wear bandanas?

When riding a bike, it’s essential to wear a bandana, as it protects your head from the sun and wind. It’ll also help you manage your hair while protecting your scalp from any bugs and road debris. As it is so low-slung, it sits a bit lower on the head than a helmet would. This keeps your hair out of your face and off the scalp.

Another reason why bikers wear a bandana is so that they can prevent facial sunburn. It’ll keep your hair and swear out of your face and eyes, which could have otherwise caused an accident. It’ll also keep the drivers and pedestrians from seeing your hair, which makes you more visible. If you’re riding a Harley in the summer heat, you should also consider wearing a face bandana. 

Why Do Bikers Wear Bandanas - Woman Rider Sitting Down Wearing Sunglasses And Bandana

Using a bandana when riding a bike will help you keep your head cool when you’re on the road. Moreover, it’ll prevent your face from being on the end of sunburn. It’s best if you place it low across your forehead, around 1-2 inches above the eyebrows. It needs to reach back into the center and touch your hair and scalp.

Different ways you can style your biker bandana

A biker bandana isn’t just a square piece of fabric, but it’s an extremely versatile and useful item. It can be worn on your head or around your neck, and it’ll give you a proper biker look. Outside of motorcycles, bandanas can be used to get a casual look while also being a part of different craft and sewing projects.

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If you’re a Harley-Davidson biker, you need to learn to fold and tie a bandana onto your head. You can either wear a biker bandana as a doo-rag, as a headband, or around your neck. This will help keep hair out of your face. Moreover, a doo-rag will also prevent helmet hair while keeping the sun off the top of your head.

1. Around the face/neck

Wearing a biker bandana around your face/neck is one of the easiest ways of wearing a bandana. The look can suit almost every biker and works well for casual drives on the road or long trips with your biker gang. To keep your appearance subtle, you can go for a small bandana. Twist the bandana, place it around your face/neck, and then tie a knot at the back. Alternatively, you should also go for a bolder look and try to knot it at the back of your neck after having a corner left loose at the front.

If your bandana is large enough, you might be able to wear it as a scarf. Regardless of how you wear it, you should be mindful of your bandana’s color. You should be looking to choose bold hues like red for adding excitement to the otherwise neutral ensembles. Alternatively, you can go for softer tones for outfits that contain color.

2. Around your head

To get a bolder and more badass look, you can try to tie your bandana around your head. This look is a favorite of bikers and is perfect to achieve the statement biker style. It’ll be a great option for bikers with long locks, regardless of their gender. You must consider wearing a biker bandana when you’re attending your next outing with your Harley-Davidson bike.

For achieving the right biker look, start off by choosing the perfect bandana option. You can either keep your appearance subtle with neutral colors like black, or go for a vibrant hue. Once selected, you should lay down your bandana flat. After that, fold it lengthways a couple of times into a long rectangle. Then, tuck in the loose corners and tie them around your head. For completing your look, you should pair a bandana with a stylish biker outfit.

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3. Around your wrist

If you’re wearing a bandana to accessorize your biker outfit and not for protection reasons, you can wear it around your wrist. Doing this will add a subtle dose of attitude to your motorcycle outfit. It is perfect for edgy looks, as wearing a bandana around your wrist will project an instant rockstar vibe. This look works best with striking prints and darker bandanas.

For instance, wearing a black bandana with white skulls appears more appropriate than wearing colorful styles with trendy designs. Moreover, remember, wearing a biker bandana around your wrist looks best when it’s worn a bit messy. However, you shouldn’t get caught up by keeping yours perfectly tied and folded.

4. From your waist

If you’re a female biker, and you want to incorporate a bandana into your outfit, you can wear it from your waist. When you’re wearing a bandana near your face, such as around your neck or head, it is the traditional method. It’ll protect you from the sun, wind, bugs, and flying debris. But sometimes, you might want to wear the bandana as an accessory to your biker outfit. If you’re a female biker, you can wear the bandana from your waist. It will gently accent your outfit while providing it with a splash of color without appearing too bold.

Additionally, you might even find wearing it from your waist a lot more comfortable and easy. After all, all you’ll need to do is tuck it into your pocket, or waistband, or tie it to a belt loop for attaching it.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about motorcycle bandanas, why do bikers wear bandanas, different ways you can style your bandanas, and more. Most Harley-Davidson bikers wear a biker bandana for a whole host of reasons. These reasons can vary from displaying your biker gang’s logo, favorite colors, and brand names to using it to protect your head from the sunlight.

Meanwhile, motorcycle bandanas also offer protection from bugs, road debris, hail, and more. There are multiple ways you can wear your biker bandana, so pick the one that best suits your demands and go with it.

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