How To Tie Down A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle On A Trailer?


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How To Tie Down A Harley Davidson Motorcycle On A Trailer

Do you often wonder how to tie down a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on a trailer? If you do, then you’re in the right place. This article will help you know about how to tie down a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on a trailer, and more.

Tying down a Harley-Davidson on a trailer isn’t as tricky as many people believe. You will need high-quality straps to die down your bike. This will help you prevent any damage to your bike or to yourself. 

Continue reading to know how to tie down a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on a trailer and other tips to remember.

How to tie down a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to a trailer without using a chock?

You can use the soft straps on the bike before hooking each of them onto a ratchet strap. Then, compress the shocks slightly so that the straps don’t loosen even if you hit bumps on the road. Choose the anchor points very carefully. Two of them at the front, two of them at the back, and one on the side. Further, you shouldn’t leave any slack in the straps. Here is how you can tie down a Harley-Davidson to a trailer without using a chock.

  1. Check the trailer for any permanent tie-down locations. Find two of them within the front and two of them within the back. Remember to install tie-down hooks on your trailer if they aren’t already there.
  2. Simply attach an adjustable ratchet tether strap to the front brackets using attached hooks. Then, adjust them such that they’re approximately long enough for reaching the handlebar of the Harley-Davidson. You must place them where the ratchet adjusters are in the handlebar area. This will make them easy to access for tightening or loosening.
  3. Place the straps in a way they’re easily accessible. However, keep them out of the way of the bike when placed on the trailer. Roll your Harley-Davidson onto the trailer. Then, place the front tire against the front of the trailer. Alternatively, it can be in an area of the front wheel chock in case your trailer has one.
  4. Use the stand for supporting the bike if you’re not able to reach the straps when keeping it. Simply place the hooks of the belts on the handlebar. Place a hook on each side without having them cross one another and without pinching any cables. Then, you should tighten the straps using ratchet adjusters until your Harley-Davidson stops without using the stand. Then, you should raise the kickstand.
  5. Now, place the wedge behind the rear wheel before fixing it to the tire with the short strap. Attach the tether hook to the backside of your bike to a point as high as possible. This is usually at the rear side of the frame behind the seat. Then, place the other end of the trailer’s rear tie-down location. Now do the same process for the other side of the rear of your Harley-Davidson.
  6. Adjust the front strips, one strip at a time, until the front forks compress. Re-tighten the rear tether straps and the rear wedge until snug. Then, check that your bike isn’t leaning in either direction. You should also adjust the straps until your bike is upright perfectly and that no straps feel loose.
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Important things to keep in mind when tying down your Harley-Davidson to a trailer

Make sure that you purchase high-quality straps

It is recommended that you should always go for high-quality Harley-Davidson straps. Using cheap, low-quality straps will not help you at all. If you’ve spent a fortune on purchasing your Harley-Davidson, so why compromise on the quality of straps? You need to use the best quality straps when it comes to tying down your Harley-Davidson to a trailer. Cheap straps will come with a risk of tearing and breaking down quicker than normal. The price you’ll have to pay to get your Harley-Davidson repaired will be significantly higher than the money you would save if you purchase cheap, low-quality straps.

Tying Down A Harley Davidson Motorcycle On A Trailer

Never use rear bag guards for tying down your Harley-Davidson

Rear bag guards might seem like a viable attachment point for the straps. However, they aren’t. The rear bag guards will easily come off if you tie them with your straps. This will go for almost every other component of the bike. Make sure that you avoid using any fragile parts of your Harley-Davidson as attachment points.

Never strap down the ends of long handlebars

Some bikers and Harley dealers don’t mind tying down their bikes from the handlebars. However, this will post a safety risk on your bike. Some Harley-Davidson bikes can compress as they’re mounted with rubber. This will cause your tie-down to easily slip off the handlebar in case you have attached them there.

What to do if you’re tying down two Harley-Davidson motorcycles on a trailer?

If you’re tying down two bikes and their fairings or handlebars interfere, try to reverse one of the bike’s positions. It is preferable to load the bigger bike in the forward position, you’ll be able to better distribute the load.

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Once you have locked the front end, it’ll be time to grip the rear end for more stability. Choose a higher area on the chassis for attaching tie-downs for prying. The ties must pull down an inch or two forward from the connection point. You should ensure that your Harley-Davidson doesn’t roll backward, forward, or sideways. Using cam buckle ties, it’ll be best to compress the rear suspension while also tightening the tie-downs. Make sure that the tie-down points are right. The straps need to form a 45-degree angle between the ground and the bike.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know how to tie down a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on a trailer. If you own a Harley, at some point you would have had to tie down your bike on a trailer. Even if you haven’t yet, there will be some instances where the need will arise. For such situations, you need to know how to properly deal with this situation. Tying down a Harley-Davidson on a trailer isn’t tough and will not take much time. However, you need to ensure that you’re using the right tools for the job, and that you know the right procedures.

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