How to Change Oil on a Harley-Davidson Dyna: A Step-by-Step Guide


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How To Change Oil On Harley Davidson Dyna

Are you the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson Dyna? Are you looking to take on the task of changing your own oil? Look no further than this comprehensive guide on how to change oil on a Harley-Davidson Dyna. With this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, you’ll be well on your way to changing your oil like a pro. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

To change the oil on a Harley-Davidson Dyna, you’ll need to gather the necessary tools and equipment, including a new oil filter, oil drain pan, and the appropriate oil for your bike. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided below. Be sure to dispose of the old oil and filter properly.

What is Harley-Davidson Dyna?

Harley-Davidson is a legendary American motorcycle brand and its lineup consists of five families of motorcycles – Touring, V-Rod, Softail, Sportster, and Dyna. Touring is the workhorse, V-Rod is the hooligan, Softail is the pretty one, Sportster is the little brother, and Dyna is the middle child. 

The design of the bike is inspired by the Harley-Davidson bikes of the 60s, with a long, sleek profile and a low seat height. The iconic design of the bike is generally characterized by its exposed engine, narrow front end, and twin-shock rear suspension. The Harley-Davidson Dyna is also popular for its unique frame design, which has a rubber mount system that isolates the bike’s engine from the frame and reduces vibration. This special design provides a smooth and comfortable ride while also reducing rider fatigue on longer trips.

The Dyna is known for its impressive performance, with exceptional handling and a powerful engine. The Harley-Davidson Dyna is available in different engine sizes, ranging from 883cc to 1690cc, while it is capable of producing up to 115 HP and 110 lb-ft of torque. The bike’s handling is also a rather noteworthy feature, as it has a low center of gravity and excellent balance, which make it pretty easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The suspension system of the bike, which includes a front fork and twin shocks in the rear, offers a smooth ride and exceptional handling in almost all road conditions.

The Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider is popular for its comfortable riding position and low seat height, whereas the Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide has a more aggressive stance and a wider front end.

Benefits of Changing the Oil on a Harley-Davidson Dyna

Harley-Davidson bikes are known for their high-quality engines and reliable performance. Just like any other Harley model, the engine of your Harley-Davidson Dyna also requires regular maintenance, including regular oil changes so that it can function smoothly and deliver the sort of performance that Harley-Davidson is famed for. 

Here are the benefits of changing the oil on a Harley-Davidson Dyna – 

Improved engine performance

Changing the oil regularly on your Harley-Davidson Dyna can significantly improve the performance of your bike. Changing the engine oil regularly will ensure that the engine on your Dyna is properly lubricated and that the moving parts are operating smoothly.

Increased engine lifespan

The oil in your bike’s engine plays a critical role in preventing potential wear and tear on the moving parts of the engine. Over time, the oil will gradually break down and lose its ability to lubricate the engine effectively. By changing the oil in your Harley-Davidson Dyna regularly, you’ll be able to ensure that the engine is lubricated properly, reducing wear and tear. Further, it’ll also expand your bike’s lifespan.

Improved fuel efficiency

Changing the oil can help improve the fuel efficiency of your Harley-Davidson Dyna greatly. Dirty or contaminated engine oil can cause the engine to work harder, which might result in reduced fuel efficiency. By changing the oil on your Dyna regularly, you’ll be able to make sure that the engine is working efficiently. This will not only reduce fuel consumption, but it will also save you money on gas.

Reduce engine wear

Regular oil changes result in reduced engine wear and tear on your Harley-Davidson Dyna. As the engine oil in your bike ages, it tends to become contaminated with particles, which can result in damage to the engine. Over time, this damage might lead to costly repairs or sometimes even engine failure. By changing the oil regularly, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the engine, keeping it in prime condition and also avoiding costly repairs.

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Better resale value

Lastly, regular oil changes will also improve the resale value of your Harley-Davidson Dyna. Potential buyers will be more likely to purchase a Dyna that has been regularly serviced and well-maintained. By keeping up with regular oil changes, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you took proper care of your Harley-Davidson Dyna, increasing its resale value.

Prepare your Harley-Davidson Dyna for an Oil Change

Regular oil changes are an important part of maintaining the performance and longevity of a Harley-Davidson Dyna. Changing the oil on your Harley-Davidson Dyna might seem intimidating, but with the right tools and the know-how, it’ll be a rather straightforward process. Here are some of the things you should carry out to prepare your Dyna for an oil change – 

Consult the manual

The manual might not go into the details, but it’ll still contain most of the technical information that you might need. Your Harley-Davidson supplier will also know how much oil and size filler you will need. Once you have the owner’s manual, you will have all the information possible at the tips of your fingers. Moreover, you should purchase genuine Harley-Davidson oil and filters. There are aftermarket products, and they’ll be cheaper, but they aren’t normally recommended. By consulting the manual and changing the oil yourself, you will be saving around $30.00 in labor cost.

Arrange the workspace

You must arrange the workspace by clearing out the area where you’ll be changing the oil. Further, also make sure that you have all the tools handy to carry out the oil change without any hiccups. Moreover, make sure that you’re using high-quality tools and genuine parts. Further, you should also arrange the safety gear and protective equipment like protective gloves, motorcycle chaps, a long-sleeved jacket, boots, and more.

Gather the necessary tools

Gather the necessary tools and equipment for carrying out the oil change in a jiffy. Without any interruptions, you will be able to finish the entire job within 45–60 minutes. The list of tools and materials that you will need includes – 

  • An oil filter wrench
  • Drain pans for catching oil
  • A funnel
  • An oil filter
  • A socket wrench
  • A new drain plug washer
  • The new engine oil
  • A clean rag or towel
  • A container for the used oil

How to Change Oil on Harley-Davidson Dyna

It is a given that engine oil will lubricate the internal engine components, reduce friction, minimize engine wear, and more. However, engine oil also has many addition functions that are helpful for the V-twin motor of your Dyna. Engine oil functions by cleaning the engine with detergents, which work to neutralize acids, catch combustion contaminants, and breakdown particles for preventing sludge.

High-quality engine oil will be important to cool down the engine, especially when it comes to air-cooled Harley-Davidson Dyna engines. This is the case as these engines function at higher temperatures compared to their water-cooled counterparts. Engine oil will also prevent internal corrosion and rust. Here are the steps to change the oil in your Harley-Davidson Dyna – 

Step 1: Lift up and secure your bike

Once you have prepared everything, you will need to lift up your bike and secure it in place. This way, you will be able to carry out the changes without worrying about the prospect of your bike falling or oil spilling over.

Step 2: Warm up the engine

Once your bike is secure, you need to start your Harley-Davidson Dyna and let your bike idle for a few minutes to warm up the engine oil. Warm oil tends to flow more easily, while it’ll also drain more thoroughly. 

Step 3: Locate the drain plug

Locate the oil drain plug on the bottom of your Harley-Davidson Dyna’s engine. The drain plug is generally a large bolt in the center of the oil pan, located directly under the bike.

Step 4: Drain the oil

After that, you will have to locate the drain plug on the bottom of your Dyna’s engine. Place the drain pan directly under it to catch the oil. Make use of a socket wrench for loosening and removing the drain plug. You should allow the oil to completely drain into the drain pan. You should be sure that you’re disposing of the used oil properly. 

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Step 5: Remove the old oil filter

Use an oil filer wrench to loosen, and then ultimately remove, the old oil filter. You should be prepared for some residual oil that might spill out of the filter as you are removing it. Clean out the filter mounting surface using a clean rang.

Step 6: Clean and install the new oil filter

Using a clean rag, you should lubricate the gasket on the new oil filter using a small amount of fresh oil. Screw the new oil filter into place with your hand until the gasket contacts the mounting surface. After that, you need to tighten the oil filter manually until it is snug. Remember not to overtighten the oil filter, as it could potentially result in damage.

Step 7: Replace the drain plug

You must clean the drain plug and the drain plug washer if needed. You need to install the drain plug and washer before tightening it to the manufacturer’s recommended torque specification.

Step 8: Add new engine oil

Person Adding New Engine Oil On Harley-Davidson Dyna

Using a funnel, you will have to add the recommended amount of engine oil to the engine. Make sure that you’re using the recommended oil viscosity and the type of oil as specified in the owner’s manual. Use a dipstick for checking the oil level and add more oil if necessary.

Different types of engine oil tend to dictate when an oil change is necessary. Depending on the year and make of your Dyna, there can be different options for the types of motorcycle oil to add. Even though there might be general guidelines for changing your Dyna’s oil, you should ensure that you are checking your bike’s owner’s manual for specific directions.

If you’re using mineral-based oil on your Dyna, these engines can typically run 2,000 to 3,000 miles before you need to change the oil again. If your bike runs on semi-synthetic motor oil, it can last between 5,000 to 8,000 miles before needing an oil change. Lastly, engines that are running on fully synthetic motor oil will be able to last around 7,000 to 10,000 miles before needing to change the oil again.

Step 9: Start the engine and check the oil level

Once you have added oil to your Harley-Davidson Dyna, you must start your bike. Allow it to idle for a few minutes. This will allow the oil that you have just added to circulate throughout the engine. Turn off the engine and wait for a couple of minutes until the oil settles down. Use a dipstick for checking the oil level. If necessary, you must add some more oil until it reaches the appropriate level.

Step 10: Dispose of used oil and clean up any spills

You should make sure that you’re disposing of the used oil and oil filter properly. Many auto parts stores and recycling centers will gladly accept used oil for recycling. Lastly, you must clean up any spills or drips using power towels or rags. This way, you’ll be able to clean up your garage or workspace and leave it crystal clear for the future.

How to Recycle and Dispose of Used Engine Oil

1. Contain the used oil

The key to successful and responsible engine oil recycling is to make sure that you’re capturing all the engine oil that came out of your Dyna. Lay down a plastic sheet or tarp underneath the workspace. After that, position a proper container or drain pan on top of the tarp and under the engine of your Harley-Davidson Dyna to catch the oil as it drains. A drain pan with a spout will be the best option.

2. Empty the oil filter

You should make sure that you’re including the oil filter when looking to recycle used oil. Start off by puncturing a small hole in the dome of your filter and allow the oil to drain thoroughly into your drip pain alongside the rest of the oil that you have collected. After that, seal the filter in a plastic bag. Although you have drained it, it can contain many ounces of residual oil, which could potentially be recycled too.

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3. Get the oil ready for transportation

Once you are done, you should ensure that you transfer the oil from the drain pan to another container for storage or transportation. However, it will be important that you select one that is appropriate. Avoid using milk cartons, empty juice containers, or any random container that you come across lying around your house.

If you have the original container that the oil came in, you need to use it. Otherwise, you’ll want to use something that is made from polyethylene or another plastic that is deemed suitable for the purpose. Moreover, some oil pans are made in a way that they can be sealed closed. These pans will make it easy to store and transport used oil.

Engine oil that has been mixed with other fluids (either purposefully or accidentally) will not be recyclable. So, you should take care that your oil does not mingle with gasoline, washer fluid, or any other liquid (water included). You should make sure that the storage container has never been used before for storing other liquids at any point, even if you used it a long time ago.

4. Storing used oil and turning it in for recycling

Once you have contained the used oil, you should keep the container in a cool place that stays dry. Further, it should not be disturbed until you can hand it over to the recycling facility.

In specific areas, it is possible that you might be able to hand over your used engine oil using the curbside recycling programs in your city. If your city does not allow this, then you should ensure that you carefully research the packaging requirements and protocol. You shouldn’t simply toss a container of used engine oil into the standard recycling bin. If you don’t have the curbside recycling option in your city, you’ll have no other option than to plan a trip to drop it off at a nearby recycling center yourself.

Conclusion: The Final Verdict

The Harley-Davidson Dyna is a classic and beloved motorcycle that offers an excellent combination of style, performance, and handling. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, the Dyna is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality motorcycle with a retro design and modern features. The performance of your Dyna can only be kept constantly good by changing the oil regularly.

To change the oil on your Harley-Davidson Dyna, you need to prepare the right tools, warm up your bike, locate the drain plug, remove the drain plug to let the old oil flow out, clean and install the new filter, add new oil, start the engine and check the oil levels, and dispose of used oil. By following the step-by-step instructions mentioned above, you can change the oil on your Harley-Davidson Dyna with confidence and ensure that your motorcycle is running smoothly and efficiently.


What type of oil should I use for my Harley-Davidson Dyna?

It is recommended to use Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Synthetic Motorcycle Oil or an equivalent high-performance oil for your Harley-Davidson Dyna. This type of oil is specifically formulated to provide maximum protection and performance in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

What tools do I need to change the oil on my Harley-Davidson Dyna?

To change the oil on your Harley-Davidson Dyna, you will need a few basic tools, including an oil drain pan, an oil filter wrench, an oil filter, and a torque wrench. You will also need a funnel and a ratchet set for the oil filter and drain plug.

What are the steps for changing the oil on my Harley-Davidson Dyna?

The steps for changing the oil on your Harley-Davidson Dyna include draining the old oil, replacing the oil filter, refilling the new oil, and checking the oil level. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure the oil change is done correctly. Additionally, it is important to use the correct type of oil and oil filter as specified by the manufacturer.

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