Are LED Headlights Legal For Road Use On A Harley-Davidson


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Are Led Headlights Legal For Road Use On A Harley Davidson

LED headlights are becoming increasingly popular for motorcycles, especially for Harleys. Not only do they provide superior illumination, but they also look great and help you stand out on the road. But are they legal for road use on a Harley-Davidson? In this article, we’ll take a look at the legalities of LED headlights on a Harley-Davidson and help you make an informed decision. So if you’re wondering whether you can rock LED headlights on your Harley, read on and find out!

Background of Harley-Davidson

Since its inception almost 120 years ago, Harley-Davidson has been a symbol of American engineering prowess and motorcycle culture. Thanks to its iconic V-twin engines and distinctive designs, the company has carved a niche for it in the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

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Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand that was founded in a small shed in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1903 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson alongside Arthur’s brothers William and Walter Davidson. The brand’s first motorcycle was a humble machine that came powered by a 116cc engine and mounted on a bicycle frame. In the early years, the brand focused on producing reliable and durable motorcycles, earning them a reputation for quality craftsmanship.

During World War I, Harley-Davidson motorcycles played a key role in the war effort, being utilized by the US military as efficient dispatch bikes. This exposure during the war contributed to the brand’s popularity and recognition, not only in the United States but also on the global stage.

The Great Depression of the 1930s posed significant challenges for Harley-Davidson, as it did for many businesses. However, the brand’s resilience and commitment to innovation allowed it to weather the storm. During this period, they introduced the iconic “Knucklehead” engine, which was an engineering marvel of its time, showcasing Harley-Davidson’s ability to adapt and improve its products.

World War II once more brought forth an opportunity for Harley-Davidson to demonstrate its support for the military. The brand produced thousands of motorcycles for the war effort, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and essential vehicle for the armed forces.

After World War I, a new era of motorcycle culture emerged and Harley-Davidson played a vital role in shaping the rebellious image associated with motorcycles. Films like “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando and “Easy Rider” featuring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper helped cement the image of the motorcycle rider as a free-spirited rebel. Harley-Davidson’s heavyweight bikes and rumbling exhaust sounds only added to the allure of the bike. This attracted a growing fanbase of riders looking for adventure and self-expression.

In 1969, Harley-Davidson faced financial challenges and was acquired by the American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF). This period saw a decline in the quality and reputation of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, resulting in a drop in sales and a disenchanted customer base.

However, in the 1980s, Harley-Davidson underwent a transformation. A group of executives, known as the “Harley-Davidson Management Team” led by Vaughn Beals Jr. successfully bought back the company from AMF and implemented significant changes to improve the quality of their bikes. This resurgence marked the beginning of a new era of success for Harley-Davidson.

In the 1990s and beyond, Harley-Davidson solidified its position as the preeminent American motorcycle brand. The brand introduced new models, expanded its international presence, and embraced modern manufacturing techniques while preserving the classic Harley-Davidson look and feel.

Throughout its history, the company’s strong emphasis on brand loyalty and community building has also contributed to its enduring popularity. The brand also hosts a number of events and rallies, with the most popular one being the Harley-Davidson Annual Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. It attracts thousands of riders from around the world each year. Despite the company facing numerous challenges, Harley-Davidson continues to innovate and adapt to changing market dynamics, introducing new and exciting models to cater to modern audiences.

Benefits of using LED headlights in Harley-Davidson bikes

When it comes to the safety and performance of a Harley-Davidson bike, one of the most important components that enhance these aspects is the headlight. Since the early 2010s, Harley-Davidson has embraced the use of LED headlights. The use of LED headlights has transformed the riding experience in several ways. Here are some of the benefits of LED headlights in Harley-Davidson bikes, focusing on visibility and longevity.

Improved visibility

One of the biggest benefits of LED headlights is their superior visibility, allowing bikers to see more clearly in different conditions. LED technology produces a whiter and more natural light compared to traditional halogen bulbs, which tend to emit a warmer, yellowish light. This closer approximation to daylight illumination greatly enhances the rider’s ability to spot potential hazards, obstacles, and road conditions, especially during nighttime riding or in low-light situations.

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In addition to improved visibility for the rider, LED headlights also increase the bike’s visibility to other road users. The bright and crisp light emitted by LED headlights makes it easier for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to notice the Harley-Davidson bike on the road, reducing the risk of accidents caused by low visibility.

Are Led Headlights Legal For Road Use On A Harley Davidson

Brighter light

LED headlights offer a significant boost in brightness compared to traditional halogen bulbs. This enhanced brightness gets achieved without generating excessive heat, making LED headlights more efficient in converting electrical energy into light. As a result, LED headlights offer a much more focused and powerful beam, illuminating a larger area in front of the motorcycle.

The increased brightness will not only enhance the rider’s vision but also adds an element of style and sophistication to the Harley-Davidson bike. They give the motorcycle a modern and distinctive look, contributing to its iconic presence on the road.

Longer lifespan

LED headlights are known for their exceptional durability and longer lifespan compared to halogen bulbs. While traditional halogen bulbs can last around 500 to 1,000 hours, LED headlights are capable of lasting up to 25,000 hours or more depending on the model and usage. This extended lifespan translates to fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of the motorcycle.

Moreover, the durability of LED headlights makes them more resistant to vibrations and impacts, making them an ideal option for Harley-Davidson bikes that are designed to handle rugged road conditions and long rides.

Harley-Davidson bikes are renowned for their iconic designs and powerful engines and they have embraced modern technology to enhance the rider’s safety and performance. Among the significant advancements in motorcycle lighting, LED headlights have gained a lot of popularity for their superior brightness and efficiency. However, before you install LED headlights on your bike, you will want to find out are LED headlights legal for road use on a Harley-Davidson bike. Moreover, you’ll also want to know about the local and state regulations for LED headlights. Not only are LED headlights legal for road use on Harley-Davidson bikes but several Harley-Davidson incorporates LED headlights in many of its Touring models.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) set by the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) play a major role in ensuring that LED headlights meet the safety requirements and contribute to a safer riding experience.

The NHTSA is a federal agency within the US Department of Transportation and it is responsible for enhancing motor vehicle and road safety. The agency establishes and enforces the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which is a comprehensive set of regulations that apply to all motor vehicles, including motorcycles sold in the United States. FMVSS is designed to ensure that vehicles and their components meet specific safety standards to reduce the risk of crashes, injuries, and fatalities on the roads.

FMVSS 108 focuses on the lighting and visibility requirements for motor vehicles. For bikes, this standard covers essential lighting devices such as headlights, brake lights, taillights, and turn signal lights. These regulations define the performance requirements, optical specifications, and positioning of lighting devices to ensure adequate visibility for both riders and other road users.

To be compliant with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, LED headlights on Harley-Davidson motorcycles must meet specific criteria. These criteria include the intensity of the headlamp beam, the pattern of light distribution, the color of the light emitted, and the positioning of the headlamp on the Harley-Davidson bike. The headlights should provide adequate illumination to help riders see the road ahead without blinding oncoming drivers or pedestrians.

State-level lighting regulations

Each state in the United States has its own set of regulations, governing motorcycle lighting. These regulations might differ regarding the color, intensity, positioning, and use of headlights on Harley-Davidson bikes. State-level regulations have been put in place to enhance road safety, reduce accidents, and ensure that all vehicles, including motorcycles, meet safety standards.

Some states might have specific rules for the use of LED headlights, such as brightness limits and color restrictions. For instance, states like California require LED headlights to emit only white light and no other colors. Moreover, some states may have restrictions on the intensity of the headlight beam to prevent glare for other road users.

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State regulations also address the positioning and use of headlights on bikes. The height and orientation of the headlight on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can impact its visibility to other road users and pedestrians. Some states might also require Harley-Davidson bikes to have both low and high-beam settings to accommodate varying road conditions.

While not mandatory, many states have implemented laws that require Harley-Davidson motorcycles to have daytime running lights (DRLs) for increased visibility during daylight hours. DRLs are required as it makes it easier for other drivers on the road to see your bike.

Local regulations for LED lighting

Aside from state-level regulations, local jurisdictions such as cities and counties might have their own specific rules regarding motorcycle lighting. Some municipalities might impose additional restrictions on LED headlights or have unique requirements based on local conditions and safety concerns.

To navigate the complexities of local regulations, Harley-Davidson riders that are considering LED headlight upgrades should consult their local law enforcement agencies for accurate and up-to-date information. Moreover, motorcycle dealerships and authorized service centers also offer guidance on compliant LED headlight options that meet local and state regulations.

Are Led Headlights Legal For Road Use On A Harley Davidson

How to install new LED headlights in your Harley-Davidson bike?

Upgrading the headlights on your Harley-Davidson bike to energy-efficient and brighter LED headlights is a popular modification among Harley enthusiasts. LED headlights offer improved visibility, increased safety, and a modern look. If you are considering installing new LED headlights on your bike, you will need the right tools and follow the relevant steps to install new headlights on your bike.

Step 1: Acquire the right tools

Before you start the installation, you need to gather the necessary tools to ensure a smooth and efficient procedure Here are the tools and equipment that you’ll require –

  • Screwdrivers – You’ll need to remove the headlight assembly and any necessary screws
  • Socket and ratchet set – For loosening and tightening bolts and screws
  • Torx driver set – Some models might have Torx screws that require a specific Torx driver
  • Pliers – Use pliers for manipulating wires and connectors
  • Wire stripper and crimping tool – To handle electrical connections
  • Electrical tape – For insulating and securing wires
  • Allen wrench set – Some Harley-Davidson bikes might have Allen bolts that require a specific wrench
  • Safety gloves – Safety gloves will protect your hand during the process
  • Safety glasses – These will protect your eyes from any particles or debris

Step 2: Disconnect the battery

Safety must always be a priority when working with electrical components. Before you start the installation, disconnect the battery to avoid any potential electrical mishaps. Locate the battery on your motorcycle, usually located beneath the seat or near the engine, and disconnect the negative terminal.

Step 3: Remove the old headlight

The process of removing the old headlight might vary depending on the model of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Start by removing the headlight bezel or trim. Use the appropriate screwdrivers or socket set and remove any screws or bolts securing the headlight bezel or trim.

Once you have removed the bezel, you will have access to the headlight assembly. Then, disconnect the electrical connector. Identify the electrical connector at the back of the headlight and then unplug it carefully. Loosen and remove the mounting screws or bolts. Use the appropriate tools for loosening and removing any screws or bolts that secure the headlight assembly in place.

Step 4: Install the new LED headlight

Once you have removed the old headlights, it’ll be time to install the new LED headlight. Start by positioning the new headlight. Align the headlight with its mounting point on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Reconnect the electrical connector. Carefully plug in the electrical connector to the new LED headlight. Then, secure the headlight. Use the bolts or screws you removed earlier to secure the new LED headlight in place. You should make sure that it is firmly attached and aligned correctly.

Step 5: Reconnect the battery and test it

With the new LED headlight installed securely, it will be time to reconnect the battery. You need to reattach the negative terminal to its original position.

Turn on the ignition of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle to test the new LED headlight. Verify that both low and high beams functioning correctly. Pay close attention to the light pattern to ensure it is adjusted appropriately, providing optimal visibility without causing glare for other road users.

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Step 6: Adjust the light pattern and clean up

If needed, you should adjust the light pattern of the new LED headlight. Most LED headlights have adjustable mounts or screws that allow you to fine-tune the light projection.

After ensuring that your new LED headlight is functioning correctly and the light pattern is adjusted, secure any loose wires or connectors using zip ties or electrical tape. Clean up the area around the new headlight to give your Harley-Davidson motorcycle a polished and professional appearance.

Best practices for using LED headlights in Harley-Davidson

LED headlights have greatly improved the experience of Harley-Davidson bikers on the road, offering enhanced visibility, more safety, and a touch of modern style. For Harley-Davidson bikers who have upgraded their headlights to energy-efficient LEDs, adopting best practices for their use is important to maximize the benefits and ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Here are some of the best practices for using LED headlights in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Road conditions

You need to make sure that your LED headlights are correctly aligned to provide the best possible illumination on the road. Incorrectly aligned headlights can result in glare for other road users to reduce your visibility on the road. If you have recently installed new LED headlights, check your adjust the light pattern if needed, especially after significant changes in load or suspension.

When navigating curves and turns, you need to adjust your LED headlights to focus on the direction you are heading. Many modern motorcycles have adaptive headlight systems that automatically adjust the light direction based on the bike’s lean angle, providing optimal visibility when cornering.

You should avoid blinding other drivers. LED headlights tend to be brighter than traditional halogen headlights and while this offers better visibility for you, it can also result in discomfort or temporary blindness for oncoming drivers if not adjusted properly. You should be considerate and avoid using your high beams when other vehicles are nearby.

Are Led Headlights Legal For Road Use On A Harley Davidson

Weather conditions

LED headlights are typically more effective in inclement weather conditions like rain and fog due to their whiter and brighter light output. However, reduce your speed and exercise caution in adverse weather conditions as visibility can still be reduced and road surfaces might be slippery.

In snowy or icy conditions, LED headlights can improve visibility but it is crucial to exercise extreme caution. Drive at reduced speeds, leave extra space between yourself and other vehicles, and be aware of potential black ice patches.

LED headlights can be more resistant to dust and dirt accumulation than halogen headlights. However, if your headlights become dirty or covered in mud, clean them thoroughly to maintain optimal brightness and visibility.


Periodically inspect your LED headlights for any signs of damage, moisture intrusion, or loose connections. Address any issues promptly for ensuring the proper functioning of your headlights.

Keep your LED headlights clean and free from debris to maintain their efficiency. Regularly clean the lens and housing using a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaning solution.

LED headlights draw less power than halogen headlights but it is still important to maintain your bike’s battery in good condition. Check the battery regularly, keep it charged, and replace it if needed to ensure a reliable power source for your LED headlights.


Are LED headlights legal for road use on a Harley-Davidson?

In most jurisdictions, LED headlights are legal for road use on a Harley-Davidson. However, it is important to check the local laws and regulations to ensure that the LED headlights comply with the applicable requirements. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the LED headlights are properly installed and adjusted to produce the correct beam pattern for safe operation.

What are the benefits of using LED headlights on a Harley-Davidson?

LED headlights offer several benefits compared to standard halogen headlights, including increased visibility, improved durability, and longer life. LED headlights also require less power, which can help to reduce fuel consumption and save money.

What should I look for when selecting LED headlights for my Harley-Davidson?

When selecting LED headlights for your Harley-Davidson, it is important to choose headlights with the correct beam pattern and color temperature. Additionally, you should look for headlights with a high lumen output for maximum visibility. Finally, look for headlights with a long lifespan and durable construction to ensure long-term reliability.

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